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12 Essential Social Media Apps To Market Your Business

There’s no question that a social media presence is good for business. Over 80% of people in the US have at least one social media profile, and more than half of those have multiple accounts.

That means there’s a high chance of reaching customers on various social media platforms, whether through brand awareness, content marketing, or video ads. In fact, the majority of social media users also use their favorite platforms to directly purchase products.

While some of the best social media platforms to include in your marketing campaigns are household names that you may already use, there are a number of less commonly used apps with millions of daily users that can be an effective addition to your media mix.

Here are our top 12 social media apps to market and grow your business – in no particular order.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is not only the biggest social media network in the world, it also has the most developed advertising platform of all of the apps available. Because it is such an established site, the tools at your disposal are easy to use, intuitive, and make the most of your budget.

Whether you choose to list your business on Facebook, utilize ads to target users, or set up your customer service through Messenger, it’s very likely new customers will find you there.

  1. TikTok

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social media apps of all time.

With TikTok’s reputation for attracting a younger generation and having its own set of rules and trends dictating videos including dancing and lip-syncing, some businesses shy away from the platform.

But given it’s enormous potential for advertising either as a business or through influencers, companies should take note.

  1. Instagram

Smart advertisers already know that Instagram is so much more than a place to post vacation pictures. You can easily start by setting up an Instagram business profile and posting deals, promotions, sales, and product information.

As a visual app, companies can easily post images or videos without having to write long posts. Instagram also gives its business users access to dedicated resources to assist them in growing their audience.

  1. WeChat

Looking to branch out into international markets? If you’re considering China, it’s important to note that many popular US social media apps like Facebook and Instagram aren’t available to Chinese consumers.

This makes WeChat a great option for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market. While it started as a messaging app, it has grown into a platform for online shopping, advertising, and booking.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popularized for being the go-to social platform for building a professional network, as well as finding a new job or recruiting employees.

It’s also a great tool for marketing, particularly for B2B commerce: did you know 80 percent of B2B social media marketing leads come from LinkedIn?

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site for curating a digital pinboard of your ideal aesthetic – whether that’s through interior design, fashion, beauty products, or even food.

While the company does provide Pinterest Ads to businesses looking to promote their services, simply setting up a free Pinterest profile for your business to tell visual stories about your products or services can drive serious traffic to your company.

  1. QQ

Similar to WeChat, QQ is an instant messaging app. Based in China, the platform has grown its reach into more than 80 countries with a whopping 807 million users.

That’s twice the number of Twitter users around the world, making QQ the biggest social media app you’ve never heard of.

  1. Reddit

While Reddit began as a more obscure destination for internet users with specialized interest, it has quickly grown into a reputable platform for crowdsourced information.

While finding your niche on a subreddit is relatively easy, a self-promotion ban is heavily enforced on the site.

This means businesses need to get creative with what they share. With 430 million users, however, the payoff is well worth it.

  1. Twitter

One of the oldest and most established social media sites, Twitter allows you to share videos, pictures, and short posts in real time.

Many companies have found success with live-tweeting and using hashtags for promotions, as well as using the opportunity to easily interact with users.

The platform also boasts business-friendly tools such as Twitter Analytics to track the success of your campaigns.

  1. YouTube

Users watch over 1 billion hours of video on Youtube every day. That’s good news and bad news for companies looking to expand their video marketing: there’s a lot of users to watch your content, but there’s already quite a bit of great content out there!

Decide ahead of time how you’re going to make the best use of your YouTube marketing strategy by asking yourself beforehand if you want to grow your audience through search optimization, promote products through direct ads, or increase brand awareness through content marketing.

  1. Google Business Profile

Formerly known as “Google My Business,” your Google Business Profile is a listing for your company that users find when searching on Google.

While it’s more of a straightforward listing service, you can use the social media aspects, such as reviews and localized posting, to your marketing advantage.

Data shows that keeping your Google Business Profile verified and up to date significantly increases your click through rate and any potential purchases.

  1. Snapchat

Companies may shy away from Snapchat because the main draw of the app is that content disappears after 24 hours.

But many intrepid brands have found ways to use that to their benefit when marketing, by promoting sales and other news with more urgency to their users.

Snapchat allows you to directly tap into a younger audience with a basic free profile, or choose to pay to advertise your posts on their discovery page.

6 Proven Ways To Conquer Your Creative Block

Everyone struggles with creative blocks, not just writers and artists. Regardless of your industry, or whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, sometimes those creative juices need squeezing before they start to flow.

Maybe your inspiration from the day before has run dry, or the deadline you thought was miles away is right around the corner, and the stress is preventing anything else from entering your brain.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of evidence-backed methods to get to the other side of your creative block. Take a look at the tips below and get to creating.

Go Outside And Stretch Your Legs

Since whatever you’re working on most likely requires you to sit still indoors, a surefire way to free up some mental space is to take a stroll outside. Whatever your surroundings, a busy city or lush woods, try to let them guide you away from distracting work thoughts.

Don’t look at your phone or put on a podcast, just let your mind clear as you put one foot in front of the other. Some light exercise while breathing in fresh air can do wonders for your creativity, and leave you feeling refreshed when you sit back down to work.

Write Down All Your “Bad” Ideas

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head that just won’t come out until you listen to it? The same applies to all of the different ideas swirling around your brain when you’re thinking of how to approach a new project. You might think an idea doesn’t work and discount it before you’ve given yourself the opportunity to explore it.

Writing down those “bad” ideas can be an eye-opening experience. Maybe you will decide to scrap the idea after all, but you could also end up seeing it in a different light and following through to success.

Do Something (Else) Creative

Creativity begets creativity, which means that any type of creating can bring you back into the zone for your current endeavor. If you’re stuck on a particularly tricky paragraph, put on some music or strum a few chords on the guitar. If you’re looking for a new angle to a presentation, doodle the first 5 images that come to mind in your notebook.

You’ll be surprised what can come from seemingly unrelated practices of creativity. An extra tip – if you don’t have it in you to create something yourself, looking at the work of other artists can work just as well in a pinch.

Pretend To Be Someone Else

Are you used to being a certain type of thinker? Teams working collaboratively on a project often consist of all kinds of personalities: dreamers, realists, creatives, sticklers, and so on. Sometimes falling into a familiar role can limit your creativity, so a good exercise can be approaching your task from someone else’s perspective.

Ask yourself, what wouldn’t I do? Think of what your first step would ordinarily be and then do the opposite. For instance, if you’re the organized type who needs to list out all of your options ahead of time, try going with your gut and the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t worry, with brainstorming there are no wrong answers!

Quiet Your Mind

When you’re feeling blocked creatively, it can be tempting to start clicking and fall into a hole of internet research, opening tabs leading from one thing to another. But often, overloading your mind is the opposite of what you need to unblock your inspiration.

Try instead to close the laptop, turn off the phone, and sit quietly with your thoughts. Just ten minutes of meditation makes a lasting impact and might just be the key to unlocking some hidden creativity. Even if it doesn’t solve your creative block, it’s proven to boost your mood and reduce stress.

Sleep On It

Sometimes no matter what you do, you’re going to stay stuck. That’s when the best thing to do is walk away and rest. Give yourself a break, leave the mental strain behind and start fresh the next day. Everyone can benefit from getting a better night’s sleep; it’s shown to increase mental health, strengthen your immunity, and generally improve your mood.

In terms of a creative block, focusing on something intently and then stepping away allows your subconscious to take over and do some work on your behalf. When you wake up, the answer may just have found you.

7 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Ask ten people what their definition of happiness is, and you’ll get ten different answers. A person’s version of happiness depends on their values, priorities, and goals. While the choices and activities that bring you happiness may differ from someone else’s, it’s generally agreed upon that happiness involves a better mood, less stress, and a feeling of personal enrichment.

It’s important to know that happiness is usually the result of another action, whether you’re aware of it or not, and it doesn’t occur in a vacuum. The good news is that there are scientifically proven ways to increase your happiness, at least to some extent. Some are great for a short term boost, while others work towards the greater lifelong journey of personal fulfillment.

Sleep Better

Given that happiness can be elusive, it’s no surprise that the equally elusive good night’s sleep can factor largely in your happiness. Studies have found that getting just one extra hour of restful and uninterrupted sleep a night can make you as happy as getting a huge salary raise. Many of us find it difficult to prioritize sleep, and that is usually due to a desire to be productive at all times. Divorcing yourself from this notion will not only help with sleep, but with overall self care and mindfulness that can also lead to greater happiness.

Reach Out To Your People

We’re all feeling the effects of isolation from our loved ones after the last year. Feeling connected to people around us is a huge contributor to happiness. Even if you aren’t a social butterfly, having a few select close friends or family members to share your life with can make a big difference. Research has shown that happiness is often a collective phenomenon, meant to be experienced with others.

Break A Sweat

You’ve probably gotten (and maybe rolled your eyes at) the advice that physical exercise can do wonders for your mental well being. While many people aren’t necessarily eager to get to the gym, the benefits of getting some form of exercise consistently are undeniable. Exercise gives us better sleep, reduced stress, and those endorphins that really give us a boost of happiness. If the thought of lifting weights is enough to put you off, try going for a quick walk outside, or trying a new sport that interests you.

Fake It Til You Make It

Positive thinking is a tricky phenomenon. Studies have shown that smiling and laughing can activate your happiness, even if you don’t feel like doing either. But fake smiles or laughs, like the ones sometimes asked of customer service workers, don’t work the same way. In order to get the benefits of smiling or laughing, you have to think of something that makes you happy. This could be an abstract concept, or actual memories of good times. In effect, the feedback loop of thinking happy thoughts can lead to overall greater happiness.

Help Someone Else

Personal fulfillment often comes at recognizing a greater cause than oneself. Rather than pursuing your own happiness, look for ways you can bring happiness to others and yours might just follow. Think of something you can offer to others, whether a special skill, your mentor-ship, or simply your time, and find an organization that needs help. Volunteering to help those in need has been shown by researchers to be one of the most reliable ways to increase well-being.

Live In The Moment

In this day and age, being mindful and living in the moment may seem like antiquated concepts, thanks to our constant ability to tune out and find entertainment on any number of screens. But studies show that meditation is a great tool for a greater awareness of and connection to your surroundings. Happiness isn’t about one single activity, but rather being happy in many situations. Remember that mindfulness meditation is a gradual process that requires practice, so try it out for a short period of time every day and see where it takes you.

Make A Plan

So often when we try to completely overhaul our routines, for instance eating healthier or exercising more, we bite off more than we can chew and give up before we really get started. Making manageable and achievable goals and planning your execution has been shown to lead to significantly greater happiness and personal satisfaction. Whether it’s unplugging from your phone for 30 minutes before bed or exercising every day for a week, never underestimate the power of checking something off of a list.