What Is HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It forms the foundation of all the code you see on the web. Without HTML, we wouldn’t see any of the style and design from CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets.

You can wrap a lot of things in HTML. HTML is essentially a tool for putting content on the web, so you can wrap your general printed content in it. But you can also embed videos, images, and audio files using HTML.

HTML is powerful, but it isn’t interactive. You need JavaScript to make your pages interactive on the web. So HTML will make pages and forms, but you can’t send any information without JavaScript and usually a bit of PHP.

People learn HTML all kinds of ways. There are some great books on the subject. But you can also sign up for an online course like Codecademy. Some people even learn HTML by tinkering around with a text editor like Atom and viewing the source code on their favorite web pages.

HTML is not too hard to learn, but it requires a certain amount of attention to detail to use efficiently. If you’re interested in learning HTML, try one or more of the methods mentioned above. You can also look through the World Wide Web Consortium’s tutorial, also known as the W3Schools Tutorial.

Many people use HTML for creating emails these days in addition to web pages. It’s a great format for creating personalized emails and emails with lots of images. HTML has a lot of structure and syntax. This provides the basis for the organization of web pages and some mobile apps.