Bi-weekly Resource Roundup Volume 5

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Thanks for your ongoing support! We’re updating our pricing this month, removing the team plan and making it easier to choose an individual service.
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Featured team member design of the month:

Here is a custom mascot illustration by our creative Sunardi, for a client. We think it’s pretty cool! All custom illustrations on Flocksy are drawn completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented illustrators. Start an illustration project today and see results in just hours!

Keys To Successful Start-Up Marketing

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone
The key to a successful business, including a start-up business, is mastering the art and process of great marketing. If you’ve just started a business or plan to in the future, follow these tips and techniques to perfect your marketing and get a leg up on the competition.   continue

5 Tips For Working From Home When Your Kids Are There Too.

  by Flocksy writer Scarlette Olivier
Whether your kids are also learning from home or you have little tots who are too young from school, it can be extremely challenging to work from home with your kiddos constantly asking you for snacks, telling you they’re bored, or fighting with their siblings… continue    

Tips And Techniques When Using Live Social Media For Your Business  

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone
  There’s an art to using live streaming platforms, however, and they work most effectively for companies who know the ins and outs of the process. Here’s a short guide to using live social media streams to enhance you brand attract new customers.  continue

5 Instagram Tips Which Will Help Boost Your Sales

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone
Instagram is unique and engaging because it’s primarily a visual platform, allowing you to post pictures about the products and services you sell. Instagram is relatively simple to use but there are some tips and techniques which will help you take your social media game to the next level.  continue