Bi-Weekly Resource Roundup Volume #7

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I hope everyone is doing well! We’re excited to announce that we made some exciting changes to the Flocksy dashboard. It now has a cleaner layout, easy navigation and more. Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Sam Ryan
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Featured team member design of the month:

Here is a custom illustration by our creative Sunardi, for a client. We think it’s pretty cool! All custom illustrations on Flocksy are drawn completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented illustrators. Start an illustration project today and see results in just hours!


Kick Start Your New Businesses With These 8 Digital Marketing Practices

by Flocksy writer Gerry Ellen Avery
Digital marketing has become such a savior for many startups, as these practices allow startups to reach audiences at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. Although many startups have adopted digital marketing, developing your own strategy is key if you want to achieve the best results.   continue

5 Benefits Of Outsourcing

 by Flocksy writer Scarlette Olivier
One of the biggest struggles that businesses face today is finding the perfect balance between quality and cost. Outsourcing is emerging as an effective tool to help companies cut costs while still keeping the quality that today’s consumers have come to expect.   continue    

How Are Your Media Relations? Give Them A Boost With These 5 Tips

 by Flocksy writer Kasey Van Dyke
  In the digital age, a relationship with the media is crucial to getting your business out in the public eye. The process of building this relationship is the core of media relations. Not only does this build a valuable connection with people who can improve your reputation in the community, it’s a way to get some free marketing.   continue

5 Easy Tips For Curating The Best Facebook Timeline

by Flocksy writer Allison Denny
Since your Timeline is a major aspect of your Facebook experience, it’s important to focus on this platform. Your Timeline should be a high-quality representation of your brand, fitting neatly into your company’s vision, mission, and goals. Learn these five easy tips to help you curate the best Facebook timeline   continue