Bi-Weekly Resource Round-up Vol 9

Hi Everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we have updated the portal with a cleaner and simpler look! It is now easier than ever to create projects, manage your projects and create brand buckets. Let us know what you think!

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Featured Team Member of the month:

Let us introduce you to Whitney, who is a Project Manager here at Flocksy

Hello Everyone!
My name is Whitney, and I’m a Project Manager here at Flocksy.
I reside in the western suburbs of Chicago with my 2 year old son, Luca, and our dog, Joplyn. Outside of work, we enjoy being outdoors, listening to music, having impromptu dance parties…

To learn more about Whitney go here

How to Improve Your Email Open Rate

by Flocksy writer David Galstyan  
One question many marketers ask themselves is “how can I get my emails opened?” While there are plenty tricks out there, we recommend a thoughtful approach that focuses on communicating with those subscribed and giving them something valuable or tangible from the beginning so it pays off at the end.    continue

How To Set Small Business Goals

by Flocksy writer Rachel Estes
  If you’re looking for help with how to manage and set goals for your small business, now’s the time to get a hold of it. The key to setting goals for a small business is to keep it practical and easy at first… continue  

Five Steps For Achieving Diversity And Inclusion In The Workforce

by Flocksy writer David Galstyan
  To get a sharper picture on society it’s important to increase diversity among our professional circles by thinking outside the box about who fits into our social groups.    continue

How To Have Secure Passwords

by Flocksy writer Sarah Sartin
  How secure are your passwords? Maybe you think they are good enough, or you don’t see any reason someone would try to hack little ole you. Yet, in this modern society everything has basically turned over to digital. You need to protect yourself, so here’s how   continue