How Flocksy Works For The Team

Be part of a professional team of designers, video editors, writers, and developers and complete work for clients on an on-going basis.



Build relationships with clients

All Flocksy team members have the chance to join clients’ teams and get to know their brand. Our talented designers, writers, video editors, and developers form productive relationships with clients to help them meet their business goals. Team members always have access to shared brand buckets to ensure that they have the resources they need. 

With Flocksy, it’s easy to cultivate rewarding relationships between team members and clients. Our system allows clients and team members to forge strong partnerships through a variety of projects. Both parties enjoy the convenience and comfort of easy collaboration.

Set your own schedules

At Flocksy, team members have the flexibility to complete projects on their own schedule, from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary system ensures that clients’ projects are completed in a timely manner, yet team members can work their preferred hours. This leads to greater productivity and better results for our clients. Meanwhile, clients can easily track project status and see updates.

Set your own schedule with Flocksy, whether you’re working in the United States or the Australia! We’re always equipped to make clients’ projects happen with great results, and our team members enjoy the freedom to create whenever — and wherever — they’d like.

Enjoy consistent income

Freelancing platforms make team members wait to be paid — and often, there’s no guarantee. At Flocksy, we believe in crediting people what they’re due and in a timely manner. Our unique system allows all team members to be amply compensated for their work without having to wait weeks for payment. We believe that this helps produce higher-quality work for our clients.

With Flocksy, team members can focus on delivering great work to clients and know that they’ll be paid weekly. Clients can rest assured that their projects will be completed quickly and at optimal levels.

Be part of a community

Flocksy is more than a platform: it’s a community of creative, entrepreneurial people who come together to make great projects happen for amazing clients. We’ve recruited the best talent for our esteemed clients, and our team members love being part of a thriving community! By pooling our resources through brand buckets and Flocksy’s proprietary system, we can optimize the work we do for our clients. 

Join the Flock: when you become part of Flocksy’s creative community, you become part of an innovative, rewarding system in which you can collaborate with our amazing clients around the world.

What our creatives have to say

Build a trustworthy profile

Our proprietary platform offers a transparent, rewarding look into our team members performance on client projects. We give every team member the chance to receive feedback for every project, and clients can view each team members record of success on their profile. Our team members benefit by having their featured projects, reviews, and other information right there on their profile, saving them the trouble of pitching to clients.

At Flocksy, we believe in celebrating and rewarding the members of our community. That’s why we offer each team member a free, trustworthy profile to share with potential clients.

Enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Tired of cumbersome project management apps or strange timeclock software? At Flocksy, you don’t need any of that. We handle it all for you with an intuitive, seamless platform that lets both team members and clients easily request, track, and submit projects. Manage your profile or brand bucket, quickly view and update projects, and share files in mere seconds.

Skip the convoluted systems and confusing apps: at Flocksy, everything you need is in one convenient place. And because it’s web-based, it works on any device, anywhere.

Get steady and ongoing work

Flocksy is growing all the time, and so is our workload! That means that our team keeps busy — and there’s still plenty of work to be done. No more hunting for new projects or new leads: our diverse community of clients is constantly requesting projects. Team members can join a client’s team to work on their projects or work on any task that strikes their fancy. 

Save yourself time and ensure a regular workload with Flocksy. We’ve always got exciting things going on.

Enjoy clear revisions and communication

At Flocksy, we’re all about communication. You can chat with clients about anything you’re working on for them, plus you can ask questions about potential projects. Each project comes with its own dedicated chat room so that you can get the information you need to successfully complete the project. Need to make revisions? It’s easy to upload files in our quick-loading project portal.

No more hunting through email chains or fighting with Dropbox links. At Flocksy, it’s easy and convenient to keep in touch with your client. 

Have access to a Project Manager

Project management takes a lot of time that could be better spent creating! That’s why Flocksy has dedicated Project Managers to help team members and clients navigate the system. Got questions about a project or need clarification? Our Project Managers are here to help facilitate collaboration. They’re specially trained to make projects happen on schedule — and they’re here for you!

Only Flocksy has Project Managers available for both clients and team members. With these experts on hand, projects can stay on track and have their best results.