6 Tips For Digital Nomads Who Want To Travel The World

Well first, what is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works online while traveling the world. 

While Most people probably think that digital nomads are individuals who work on their laptop while sipping a martini on a beach resort, that’s not exactly the complete truth. 

The simple concept of a digital nomad revolves around creating the perfect work-life balance. 

The nomadic lifestyle can add more adventure, fun and excitement than the average person can probably find at a traditional office job. Digital nomads have the freedom to explore new countries, experience new cultures, and meet various people around the world.  The “work part” of the nomadic lifestyle involves working remotely, or online, to make enough income that will allow the ability to continue experiencing the excitement of exploration and adventure in the countries you choose to visit.

Many people are looking around, searching for the perfect answer on how to travel the world as a digital nomad and how to do it well. If you have the right tools and the right frame of mind, you can make traveling and working coexist with each other in the way that you’ve always dreamed.

Scroll down and check out this blog post about 6 tips on how to travel the world as a digital nomad hopping from one place to another.

1. Begin With Short Vacations.

Start with  a trial run. If you can, take a one or two week vacation from your job. During this vacation, you should be travelling to a new place. Unlike a standard vacation where you relax, though, this vacation will require you to do some work. Get started on writing for your new freelance project, or try creating a new product for your small business. 

Keep in mind that when practicing with a shorter vacation, the focus should be on being productive rather than vacationing. The test runs are meant to help you understand if you’ll have the motivation to work as a digital nomad. A digital nomad is a part-time traveller and part-time worker.

2. Have Your Finances And Documents In Order.

Perhaps the biggest tip before you become a digital nomad is to make sure that you already have money saved and that you already have an active income, atleast . Active Income is where you trade time for money such as freelance writing. 

.If you are traveling aboard, you never know which money issues you can run into. Whether that is credit card issues or differing laws about taxes for running a business in each country that you visit. In this case, you will want to already have insurance for your business, and yourself, if you are working abroad, or at least be well versed in whatever documentation that you  need in order to pay any potential legal fees.

Make sure you also have limited debt and a steady income  before you start working on your own and traveling. It will make your new life as a digital nomad easier.  

4. Live Out Of A Suitcase For A While.

Since they are always on the go, most digital nomads practice a life of minimalism. It can be expensive to bring every single possession that you own around the world. Practice living out of a suitcase while at home. Put all of your everyday essentials that you need in the suitcase and, for at least a couple weeks, only use the things in the suitcase. Can you do it? Did you cheat and add something else? Did you miss anything? Many digital nomads feel exhausted living out of a suitcase. Over time, they begin to miss certain products that they had before they left. Or, you may feel too “constricted” with this minimal lifestyle. Make sure you re-evaluate this choice to see if you can handle it. 

5. Join Local Groups.

Digital nomads can often be lonely. To build a sense of community, sign up for digital nomad Facebook groups, meetups and coworking spaces. You can also join digital nomad groups in your area to learn more about the nomadic lifestyle from digital nomads in your community.

 6. Create A Set Schedule.

You may think that the nomadic lifestyle means that you get to wake up and do whatever you please with no schedule, but doing this can actually get a bit chaotic (even for nomads). Are you a morning person or a night owl? How do you want to balance your work and travels? 

Some digital nomads work for two weeks and then take two weeks off. Other digital nomads work daily for a couple hours each day. Some treat it like a 9 to 5 job, making sure to take evenings and weekends off.  You need to find the schedule that works best for you and your daily lifestyle. Remember, it is half travel and half work. The work never goes away.