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How Anita From Stitchin’ Heaven

Found Nirvana With Flocksy

Anita Williams had always dreamed of working at Stitchin’ Heaven. The founder of Texas’ premier quilt shop, Deb Luttrell, gave Anita a job at the front counter after she taught herself how to sew. Now, 12 years later, she’s head of the marketing department. After negative experiences with another well-known graphic design company, Anita was jaded and unsure if she could trust Flocksy to represent her business properly. Luckily, she found a graphic designer at Flocksy who understood stitchin’ Heaven’s vision and branding perfectly — and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since.

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Stitchin' Heaven

Stitchin’ Heaven is a family-owned quilt shop and online destination for quilters and crafters from all backgrounds. Opened in 1996, Stitchin’ Heaven provides quilting and sewing materials, exclusive Quilt Kits, and even quilting travel experiences. The 17,500-square-foot facility in Quitman, Texas, is the largest provider of jobs in the town and offers over 10,000 different fabrics and one of the industry’s largest selections of quilting notions. With core values like creativity, innovation, vulnerability, and the drive to “wow” people — you can see why Stitchin’ Heaven has maintained loyal employees and customers. Even their beloved quilting program has members nationwide and grows each year.

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Anita Williams

Marketing Manager of Stitchin' Heaven

“It feels like we’ve been with y’all forever. We needed a lot of different things, so really our needs were diverse and when it popped up and it said that we do copywriting, we do graphic video editing, and different things and it really popped out to me because that’s what we needed. We needed the option to be able to do all those things it feels like we’ve been with y’all forever. I wish that was the case.”

Created by Sergio - Graphic Designer on Stitchin' Heaven's Flocksy Team



“The first and most impressive thing to me was Flocksy’s ability to get things done”
Created by Janelle - Graphic Designer on Stichin' Heaven's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“So Many Irons In The Fire”

Soon after Anita became marketing manager at Stitchin’ Heaven, she realized she needed help. Between writing all the press releases, editing videos for their YouTube channel, and creating subscriber emails – Anita felt she “had so many irons in the fire” at all times. She needed a teammate, but the biggest hiring complication (in her own words):

“It’s harder than you think to get someone to move to Quitman, Texas.”

As the chaos grew, Anita went in search of an online graphic design service. She found a business that provided unlimited graphic design, but unfortunately, the designs she was given were poor quality, off-brand, and unprofessional. When she requested a different designer, she was denied.

Soon, she found herself spending even more time than before having to redo the low-quality designs she had paid for. Eventually, enough was enough, and Anita canceled her subscription and returned to the drawing board.

After a quick Google search, Anita was immediately impressed with Flocksy’s wide range of services. Despite feeling hesitant due to her past experiences, she was intrigued by our unlimited video editing to copywriting packages and decided to give Flocksy a chance.

The Solution:

“Going The Extra Mile”

Janelle - Graphic Designer on Stichin' Heaven's Flocksy Team

During Anita’s onboarding call with her dedicated project manager, she was relieved to learn that she could switch designers anytime, ask for as many revisions as needed, and even request specific creatives to be part of her team. While initially worried about quality after her bad experiences at the former design company, she forgot all about her concerns when paired with our talented graphic designer Janelle. According to Anita, she and Janelle “clicked from day one,” and to this day, Janelle always goes “the extra mile” on every project.
With a team of only four employees, Anita’s marketing department has to be as productive as possible, and Flocksy helps her do that. “We never have to worry about sitting around and getting stuff done,” Anita told me during our video call. She also said she was the most surprised by how fast the turnaround time was for projects and how the creative team could take on all the tasks in her queue each week. One thing that never surprises her though? How much she loves the work done by Janelle.

“I really, really love Janelle. I know I’ve already said that…but communication has been nothing but fabulous.”

The Results:

Increased Productivity While Saving Money

While she described her process before Flocksy as “chaotic,” Anita told us that “the chaos is gone” ever since she joined our platform. Anita is excited about stitchin’ Heaven’s new content — and her coworkers and customers are too! Everyone has noticed improvements on Stitchin’ Heaven’s website and marketing materials, from teammates to clients, even Anita’s former art & design teacher has approached her about the professionalism of the designs. Most recently, customers told Anita they’d be buying again from the online store just to receive more logo stickers included with online purchases (another original creation from Janelle, of course)

Flocksy’s turnaround time has helped with the marketing team’s scheduling, social media campaigns, and timelines.

The best part? Not only are we helping to improve Stitchin’ Heaven’s overall productivity, but Flocksy’s unlimited plan is more affordable than hiring an in-house designer.

With over 88 projects completed in the short time they’ve been with us — we’re sure Stitchin’ Heaven + Flocksy will continue to be a match made in heaven.
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Created by Janelle - Graphic Designer on Stichin' Heaven's Flocksy Team

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Created by Janelle - Graphic Designer on Stichin' Heaven's Flocksy Team

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