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Paul Rabic has had an incredible journey from personal trainer to Bobsledder. He loved sports growing up and always found himself part of a team, but as an adult he started his career in the business world. When a friend offered him the chance to coach clients at a gym in NYC as a personal trainer, he quickly pivoted. He soon began personal training full time and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he is launching his own personal training app while simultaneously training for the Olympics. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to launch his app on time thanks to the help of several Flocksy designers and creatives. Read on to hear all about how Paul found the balance he needed to run his business with Flocksy.

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PR Performance

Paul Rabic’s initials are PR, which not only represent his name, but also stand for “personal record.” Call it a coincidence, but Paul feels like he was always destined to become a fitness professional. His personal beliefs about fitness are summed up on his website when he says: “Personal records are one of the most important things in fitness because it’s YOU vs YOU. You aren’t comparing yourself to anyone else and it’s about you getting 1% better every day.” Since starting as a trainer, Paul now offers his PR Training app, online training, and small group classes. Not only has his business grown, but he’s also branched out from training clients to training for the Olympics.

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Paul Rabic

Founder of PR Performance

“The biggest surprise was the quick turnaround on projects. I was like, oh my gosh, I actually can’t come up with ideas fast enough… I’d tell [new clients] that their only regret will be not starting sooner and coming prepared with many ideas, because [Flocksy] will make them all come to life.”



Created by Sofia - Illustrator on PR Performance's Flocksy Team
In 2022, Paul joined the National Bobsledding team. From there, his days and months became much busier.

He went from training clients at the gym during the day, to training for the Olympics at night. Not only that, but he was also back and forth between bobsledding events around the world, as well as participating in the CrossFit open and other competitions. He needed help to create content for his new app and site but struggled to find a marketing team to get it done.

Miranda - Illustrator on PR Performance's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“The Biggest Obstacle That Flocksy Helped With Was Time.”

“You know, there were definitely professional marketing materials that I could’ve used and needed to make. I just didn’t have the time to make them, or honestly, the creative capabilities. I was able to input an idea and you guys [at Flocksy] made it come to life. And probably did it in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me, and the effort that it would take me. So you really helped me overcome that obstacle of time.”

Between the gym, travel, and the Olympics — Paul simply didn’t have the time to promote his own business. He needed a marketing team, but the monthly prices he saw online were too expensive and he didn’t have the time to sort through marketplace options like Fiverr. Luckily, Flocksy arrived at the perfect time to help him create the content he needed, without breaking the bank.

The Solution:

“Flocksy’s Monthly Subscription Is A Fraction Of What You Would Pay To Hire Somebody On Full Time.”

Mauro - Graphic Designer on PR Performance's Flocksy Team
“The most attractive thing about Flocksy is you have a creative team, without the high expense of a creative team. You know, the monthly subscription is a fraction of what you would pay to hire somebody on full time. And you have a full team, not just one person. So, the resources and the support you get is the best part about it, hands down.”

According to Paul, “In the world of fitness, your social media is almost a resume. It really does allow a client, a potential client, to get a feel for you as a person, as a coach, as a brand.” So, in order for Paul to put his best foot forward, he needed high quality content. Not only did he need to make sure his content was professional, but he also needed a wide variety of material — educational, entertaining, motivational, inspiring, and content that told his story. “There’s so many different types of content that you need to put out as a professional fitness coach. I feel like I’m pretty creative in the sense of making reels, but as far as really professional slideshows or PDFs, I don’t have the time to go into Canva and do that. So having Flocksy was very, very beneficial in that sense.”

The Results:

“Flocksy Is Giving Me The Materials To Reach The Masses.”

“I use Flocksy the most for professional marketing material… I was like, I’m going to use Flocksy to create very professional and appealing marketing material to advertise my app and to advertise my personal training services… it’s just clean, it’s organized, straight to the point and it’s high-quality content that’s needed in this day and age.”

When asked what project he was most impressed with, Paul had a lot to say: “I asked to create a carousel for like a sneak peek preview for my training app and I asked for a series of slides with the descriptions for all the different features and I had an idea in my head but when they came back with it, and I was just like, ‘wow this looks better than I imagined’.

Everything from the color scheme to proportions, from fonts to bolding certain words that I wouldn’t think to make stand out, but you guys, as the professionals, you really made it just look perfect.” Not only was our creative team able to provide Paul with the tools and content he needed to successfully launch his app on Instagram and other social media platforms, but he also received an amazing animated video for his site! When describing the animated video he received he said, “that was something that I had no experience with and probably would have never gotten around to making, but you guys were able to make that happen very fast. It’s very impressive.”

Paul Rabic

Founder of PR Performance

I would say that your only regret would be not starting sooner and to come prepared with a lot of ideas, because they will make them all come to life.”

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