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Simone Jennings successfully founded her marketing agency, The Four-Eyed Marketer, on her own — but it hasn’t always been easy. Before joining Flocksy, she felt like she was losing time with her family while having to create content and marketing materials for her clients late into the night. Now, she’s used almost every service Flocksy offers and loves crossing tasks off her to-do list without losing time with her loved ones. Keep reading to hear about her excellent new company and journey to Flocksy!

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Simone Jennings

Simone Jennings is a highly motivated promoter with incredible creative, technical, and communication skills. She is an experienced digital marketing expert with a strong background in branding, graphic design, and hype-building strategy. With her extensive experience, a keen eye for design fundamentals, and basic knowledge of photography, web design, audio, and video editing, she’s able to add eye-popping creative artistry to a multitude of projects for an array of companies.

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Simone Jennings

Founder of The Four-Eyed Marketer

“Our creative superheroes! Thanks to our partnership with the creative wizards at Flocksy, we’ve been zipping through our backlog of projects. They’re like our creative superheroes, working together to bring our strategies and ideas to life.”



Simone loves working with small businesses and start-ups to generate buzz-worthy content and ideas.
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Created by Miguel – Video editor on The Four-Eyed Marketer’s Flocksy Team

She even created a coaching program to help entrepreneurs develop their brands so they could begin their journey. She noticed, however, that most of the start-up founders she worked with were getting stuck. Even though the companies were terrific and the founders were motivated, they were struggling to create all the content they needed for their social platforms and websites. The hurdle was stopping them from launching their sites, and Simone knew she could help. Soon, Simone and her virtual assistant were creating marketing materials for brands in need of help in her new company, “The Four-Eyed Marketer.”

Julieta - Illustrator on The Four-Eyed Marketer's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“We Can’t Do It All”

With her entire team consisting of Simone and her virtual assistant, the workload soon became too much to handle.

“I thought there must be companies out there that can help. We had worked with an agency before Flocksy that just focused on graphic design, but we knew we would need help with copywriting and things like that.”

“Content creation is the biggest thing for us. We have to create content on a regular basis, and even before we started our agency with our coaching service, keeping up with the amount of content we needed to produce was extensive, and I was definitely becoming a bottleneck in my business because there are only so many hours… it was becoming overwhelming.”

Copywriting has always been a vital part of our projects, but let’s face it, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to write, review, and edit everything ourselves. Flocksy swooped in and turned our copywriting bottleneck into a superpower, helping us launch campaigns, websites, and other initiatives quickly.

The Solution:

“We Knew We Needed More Of A Comprehensive Package.”

Victor - Graphic Designer on The Four-Eyed Marketer's Flocksy Team
We needed all the things that would help us piece together all the assets that we needed for our clients. It was all the services plus the affordability that made us choose Flocksy.”

Simone spent years staying up until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, and in her own words: “I was just working ALL night.” Even though she had hired a graphic design company to help with her content creation, she knew she needed more. After a Google search, Simone stumbled upon Flocksy and loved the wide variety of services offered in our unlimited subscription plans. She needed copywriting, video editing, and graphic design services right away — and Flocksy could deliver!

The Results:

“Now The Thought Of Staying Up Past 10:30 Is Laughable To Me”

“We’ve handed over the reins to Flocksy for most of our video creation and editing needs. Their streamlined process is a real game-changer. They start with storyboards and magically transform them into top-notch videos. This wizardry frees up our precious time to focus on those big-picture initiatives.”

Now, Simone has no worries about hanging out with her kids, making dinner, or going to bed early. She used to be a night owl, but now that she has peace of mind with Flocksy, she knows her projects will be completed, and they’ll be high quality. She explains, “I don’t think twice about it, Flocksy is invaluable for us. Flocksy is like our third arm, we need Flocksy.”

With Flocksy, Simone’s projects are completed, her clients are happy, and she’s tucked into bed before 11 p.m. Her advice to fellow business owners: “You will spend more time and more money trying to make everything work than if you just make the investment in yourself and your business… I think it’s important to start off your business with those good habits while not sacrificing the quality and amount of content you can get done. I would say run [to Flocksy.] Make the investment… it’ll come back to you in a financial way but also for your sanity.”

Simone Jennings

Founder of The Four-Eyed Marketer

Flocksy’s customer service is top-notch. The ability to reach out to our project manager via private message or book a quick call to sync on projects promotes transparency and makes projects run smoother.

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Time And Money With Flocksy

Flocksy can provide you with a team of creatives for all your graphic design, copywriting, video editing, and marketing needs!
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Created by Sebastian – Video editor on The Four-Eyed Marketer’s Flocksy Team

Our guaranteed quick turnaround times ensure your team never misses a deadline, and our affordable packages won’t break the bank. Check out our unlimited creative subscriptions here and learn more about what it means to join the #flock today!

Created by Julieta - Illustrator on The Four-Eyed Marketer's Flocksy Team

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