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Barbara (Barb) Pritchard is passionate about what she does. Her calling has been to help spiritual visionaries with their branding and exposure, while making sure their “mission, purpose and vision infused into every client interaction.” Her marketing motto is: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” And for her, spiritual visionaries and spiritual entrepreneurs seem to just get that. She describes her company as a way to rise up ALONGSIDE her clients as they “lock arms together and bring others with us,” and so far, they’ve been rising rapidly towards their goals. Along with manifesting success, Barb works hard to generate content and find success for her clients. So hard, in fact, that about a year ago she was on the verge of burning out. Luckily (or perhaps, serendipitously) she stumbled upon Flocksy in a Facebook group for small business owners and has been feeling zen ever since. Read on to find out how Flocksy helped Barb not only meet her business goals but plan the well-earned vacation she’s been dreaming about.

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Infinity Brand Design

On the home page of Barb’s website are the words: “live your purpose out loud” — and after getting to know her during our interview, I find that sentence incredibly fitting. Infinity Brand Design is unapologetically whimsical. With verbiage like “totes mcgoats” in the headers of her about me section and an emphasis on magic and spiritualism throughout her company motto, it’s clear that Barbara is living her truth “out loud.” Not only do her emails and messages make readers smile with kind words and heart emojis, her clients can be described as “enamored” with her and her business. One client even goes on to say: “Barb is magical,” which I myself can attest to. Thankfully, she’s brought some of that magic over to Flocksy’s platform, and combined with the talent of our creative team, we’ve been able to create some pretty extraordinary content for her clients.

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Barb Pritchard

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“Web design is something that I really needed. And seeing that ability on your sales page, I was like, “Yes, please! Yes, please, I need help.” And then to wake up the next morning and the designers say, “I’ll have it ready for you in one more day.” — It felt like the clouds parted and the angels just sang. It felt like… white puffy clouds and rainbows.”

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When Barb began Infinity Brand Design, she was filled with a sense of purpose.

Soon, she partnered with visionaries who themselves were incredibly motivated and full of ideas. But as a one-woman team, she struggled to keep up with the inflow of inspiration and ideas her clients needed to bring to life. Within months she was working nights, weekends, and missing out on time spent with loved ones.

Itzel - Graphic Designer on Infinity Brand Designs 's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“My hair was falling out.”

I love my clients and they love me, but the problem was time. I’m only one person and obviously we haven’t figured out cloning yet. I was working nights. I was working weekends…I was getting burnt out. I was very much on the border of burnt-out burnout time. Seriously, I was exhausted.”

Visionaries typically have many ideas, constantly. And as a one-woman company, there was only so much Barb could do. She was desperate for a team who could handle multiple projects at a time, so she started asking around in Facebook groups. While she did try a competitor’s service before joining Flocksy, she was disappointed in the dashboard and the inability to talk directly to designers. So, she tried the other company recommended by her peers, and she was blown away by Flocksy’s easy to use dashboard and loved being able to form relationships with her project manager and designers. Not only that but having a team of designers at her disposal to tackle larger projects like web design and landing pages[1] was almost too good to be true. “That was something that I was like, I really need. And seeing that ability [web design] on your sales page, I was like, Yes, please help.”

The Solution:

“I Totally Need More Than Just One Designer At A Time.”

Mariana - Graphic Designer on Infinity Brand Designs 's Flocksy Team

Right away, Barb loved the UI and was taken with her dedicated project manager Brooke. “When I found you guys, I fell in love with Brooke while I fell in love with the dashboard. How can you not love Brooke? She’s amazing.” Brooke helped her get the most out of her Unlimited Graphic Design Subscription and matched her with designers who were able to truly get her brand and purpose.

“My hair was falling out of my head and like stress levels were insane. Migraines were also pretty common. My health was an issue. Self-care is something that is super important and Flocksy has actually helped me to get to that super quickly. I never would have thought, I never would have thought that hiring Flocksy would help me get to self-care.”

The Results:

“I Get To Strategize On Infinity Brand Design.
I Get To Spend One-On-One Time With My Clients And Give Them The Best Of Me.”

“When you have Flocksy, it’s like you’ve installed the best engine in your boat and you’re speeding along, blowing past the competition. And I don’t even really think about the competition at all. However, the competition for me is, what can I do to continually improve upon my own goals. I never thought that I would achieve the things that I was looking out for, I’ve even joined a mastermind in the second quarter of this year and [the manager] was like, I think you’ve already achieved your goal for the mastermind and you’re only a month in… So, as a startup, get Flocksy. You’re going to need marketing in your business no matter what kind of business you have, and Flocksy can help you. They have amazing designers, they have amazing developers, they have amazing virtual assistants to get you there.”

Before Flocksy, Barbara was struggling to keep up with her client’s needs and her own self-care needs. Now, her clients are happy, and she has the time to focus on herself again. Not only that, but she’s using the time she used to put towards creating content for her clients towards Infinity Brand Design’s marketing and website. She’s even going to launch her own online shop in the near future (a goal she did not think she’d reach so soon!). While interviewing Barb, I was able to see the magic she can weave with her optimism and joy. Now, with Flocksy’s help, she’s able to spread that magic to even more clients and small businesses — and we (her beloved Brooke especially) couldn’t be happier!
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