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Juliana Chauncey

In 2017, Juliana Chauncey decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Soon after, what had started out as a hobby, became a lifestyle. Since her first long-distance hike, Juliana has gone on to complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. The 2,200-mile trail “far exceeded her expectations”. During her time on the trail, she began drafting a book on long-distance hiking, and when she returned from her trip she wrote, Hiking From Home.

Along with being a sponsored hiker and published author, Juliana also co-hosts “Backpacker Radio” — a podcast by The Trek for long-distance hikers, by long-distance hikers. Besides getting out in the woods, Juliana also loves spending her evenings interviewing guests who have helped shape the long-distance hiking community into what it is today. Read on to see how Flocksy helped Juliana cross tasks off of her to-do list in no time!

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Juliana Chauncey

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“The feedback I’ve gotten through my book has been really awesome…. To find ways to express that and show that back on social, for me, has been challenging. So to have people like Eliana go through and take all these reviews and put them over photos and make it look nice — that helps me take something that I’m very proud of, but struggled to promote, and it allows me to be able to do that. It’s all thanks to the help that she [Flocksy Graphic Designer Eliana] gave on that project.”

The Challenge:

“You’re Not Really Around Cell Reception On The Appalachian Trail”

“I think what’s really helpful about Flocksy is the ability to have my projects uploaded and organized so that we know what’s coming next. There’s a pipeline that it follows, and so I can add things as I go. It all kind of fits into a nice rhythm, especially when content is being made a week or two in advance, to be able to add that to the pipeline and then have them take that and make resources out of it.”

On the Appalachian Trail, and even more so on more remote trails, you can go a week without having any sort of cell reception. This can make posting content to any social media platform difficult. On top of that, Juliana likes to pack extremely light, meaning her entire backpack of equipment, food, and water can weigh as little as 8 pounds for a weeks-long trek. The lack of equipment and service meant Juliana had to plan out, film, and edit content on her phone and post quickly whenever near a cell tower. She also staggers her posts, making it difficult to keep track of what videos need to be uploaded and when. This meant communicating with and updating her friends, family, and followers with YouTube videos and Instagram content was extremely time intensive: “There was a lot of drafting stuff, saving it, having a folder for captions, having a folder for photos, and pre-uploading the videos… Just a lot of prepping around what’s gonna happen with that lack of reception and the stagger.”

The Solution:

“People That Can Just Jump In And Tackle It”

“Every piece of weight that you carry [on the trail] matters because you have to carry all of it with you….For me, I always want to carry as little as possible. I think to have a team that’s able to access Illustrator, InDesign, you know, any of these extra programs that I don’t have access to while I’m in the woods is something that just opens up a new playing field that you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

When Juliana first looked at Flocksy’s website, she thought it must be “too good to be true”:

“I needed an extra explanation of what you guys do because it felt almost too good to be true. All the different listed out things that you guys could help with— the branding, web design, video editing, logos, illustrations, and animations. Just the long list of things that can be accomplished all at a flat monthly rate.” Luckily for her — it wasn’t! She was able to get the tasks done she had been putting off, and even ended up with WAY more content than she ever could have imagined!

Sergio - Graphic Designer on Juliana Chauncey's Flocksy Team

The Results:

“Continuously Amazed Throughout The Month”

“I think for me, the best part was catching up on things I didn’t want to do. Such as projects I just didn’t want to do myself. I thought, this [Flocksy’s Subscription Plan] is perfect.”

For Juliana, promoting herself isn’t easy. She cringes when having to talk about how much people love her book or create promotional materials for podcast episodes. Lucky for her, the Flocksy team could take that off of her plate. Our Graphic Designer Eliana took on the mammoth task of incorporating tons of 5-star reviews from Juliana’s book, “Hiking From Home, a Long Distance Hiking Guide for Family and Friends” into photos that she could share on social media. Because, for Juliana: “promoting myself, as counterproductive as this seems, is not something that I like. I just always put it off because I don’t want to sit there being like, ‘Five stars for me!’ But to be able to just pass all that stuff off to someone and have them send it back and it looks good, the colors are right, the sizing is right, they all kind of flow in a certain pattern, it just makes it so easy.” At the end of her first month, Juliana was blown away by what her creative team was able to accomplish.

Created by Eliana - Graphic Designer on Juliana Chauncey's Flocksy Team
When asked if she would recommend our Unlimited Creative Services subscription, she simply said: “I think the main thing I would tell them is you’re going to get a lot more done than you thought you were going to. Whatever you think that you’re going to get done in the time you have, double it.”

Our team loved being able to take some tasks off this podcaster’s plate, so she can get back to doing what she loves — taking on her next big adventure out on the trails.

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Created by Eliana - Graphic Designer on Juliana Chauncey's Flocksy Team
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Eliana - Graphic Designer on Juliana Chauncey's Flocksy Team

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