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Joe Ignance, in his own words, is a serial entrepreneur. By 24, he was in charge of a 168-year-old company leading over 35 people, becoming one of the youngest district sales leaders ever. Now, Joe is the founder and host of The Knowledge Gap Show, a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching others how to “master their purpose and grow their business.” He has used Flocksy’s services since May and, since joining, has watched his YouTube video views and engagement grow steadily. Keep reading to learn why Joe chose Flocksy over other marketing companies to help grow his YouTube following and small business.

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About Joe’s Company

The Knowledge Gap

kJoe defines a knowledge gap as: “the gap in knowledge we all have about certain processes in life.” He has also made it his life’s mission to close that gap in knowledge for anyone looking for support, direction, and guidance. Not only does Joe want to help young entrepreneurs build up their businesses, but also to “find their purpose” and “make the world a better place.” “We imagine a world where the majority of people wake up every single day having energy because they know what they do matters and aligns with their purpose and that when they look back at their legacy, they have made the world a better place. – Joe Igance”

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Joe Ignace

Founder of The Knowledge Gap

“Having unlimited is really, really helpful. If you have lots of volume, Flocksy is definitely the place to go. If you have a lot more projects and need versatility, Flocksy would definitely be the place to go.”



When Joe began The Knowledge Gap show, he knew he needed his videos to be engaging and professional, but he didn’t have the time to dedicate to content creation.

He joined Flocksy for our video editing services and quickly realized that he would need Flocksy to help him not only with his YouTube channel — but with his growing client list and their content as well.

Brenda - Motion Graphic Artist on The Knowledge Gap's Flocksy Team

The Challenge:

“I Had A Growing Business And Not Enough Time.”

“Before Flocksy, I would record and send [the videos] to my editor. The editor would then work on them, but there was always this frustrating moment when I wanted something to be changed; it was very last minute. I would have four or five videos ready for him to edit, and it would always be so last minute for him to get things done right before we were trying to post [the content].”
Florencia - Motion Graphic Artist on The Knowledge Gap's Flocksy Team

Before joining Flocksy, Joe realized he needed to focus more on growing his business than editing his YouTube videos – so he hired a designer to handle his content creation. Even though he was paying his designer MORE than he currently pays for an Unlimited Video Editing subscription with Flocksy, he was getting less done — “I really needed something else to take [content creation] off my plate. And my editor was just being super hard to work with and slow, and I needed all these branding materials.”

While his business and client list were expanding, his frustration also grew. Joe felt like he had to have a hands-on approach to his YouTube content, as opposed to being able to direct his creatives from afar. Not only was Joe spending too much of his time editing and reviewing content himself, the videos were not always as professional as he needed them to be — “I don’t know how many extra clients [my editor] would have, but there were some videos that were great, and there were others that just seemed to lack quality.”

The Solution:

“For me, [Flocksy’s] What I Need So I Can Continue To Grow Sales”

“At the end of the day, there’s not too much to worry about. I put a project in just to test it out early, saying: ‘Hey, can you break this video up into shorts?’ And they just did it the same day… They do a great job based on the project. And leave nothing to really worry about. For me, that’s what I need to continue to grow sales and improve the coaching program, finish my book — do all the different things that are more income-producing activities [than video editing].”

Almost immediately, Joe was shocked by how fast our team of creatives could complete projects. Even his longer videos were edited to perfection within 3 days! Not only were we completing projects faster than Joe’s current editor at a more affordable rate, the content created was exactly what he was looking for — “I tried Flocksy for a bit, and [the creatives] were doing as well or better than my current editor, which was awesome. So, because they were producing the quality that we needed, that made me feel great.”

Joe soon discovered that not only could Flocksy handle his video editing but also his graphic design needs. Now, he trusts our team at Flocksy to do pretty much everything — “The graphic designers made my sales presentations. I put all this effort into just making a really good website and then everything else is branded the exact same way, which is wonderful because I can just send them that website. So, I like that [Flocksy] can do everything at this point.”

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Created by Homar – Video Editor on The Knowledge Gap’s Flocksy Team

The Results:

“I Use Flocksy All The Time With My Clients, For Myself, And Will Continue Using It For A Very Long Time.”

“Everyone’s noticed the quality [of my content] is better. What’s awesome is that the editors can do whatever you tell them to. If you need something, they’ll do it AND they’ll make it better. They’ll find ways to improve it. It’s often [me] giving suggestions and then the designers bringing out some pretty good stuff themselves, which is helpful.

As of this August, Joe has used Flocksy’s video editing and graphic design services and had the help of our designers in creating his very first book cover mockup. He is looking to try our web design services next.

For him, the most significant benefit that has come out of joining Flocksy has been the “time freedom” he’s been given — “just being able to offload tasks to a team and not have to go do everything, knowing it’s going to be done in a day or two, allows me to strategically plan what’s happening my yearly calendar, my monthly calendar, my week. I can say, ‘Here are all the things that I need completed by these dates.’ I can then go ahead and upload them, they all get queued and then just get hammered out one by one and I don’t have to worry about it.”

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Created by Nick – Video Editor The Knowledge Gap’s Flocksy Team

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Created by Bruno – Video Editor The Knowledge Gap’s Flocksy Team

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