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5 Ways To Give Your Logo A Facelift

Your logo is essentially the face of your brand. It’s the eye-catching, memory-evoking nugget of gold that keeps your brand in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Just like anything else in life, logos need to be updated periodically. Trends change constantly which is why it’s important to make sure your brand’s logo doesn’t get stale like an 80’s power mullet.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simply Stylish

Nowadays, many people are convinced that less is more. This isn’t always the case with logos but if your logo is packed full of details, then it may be time to simplify things. Get rid of excess details and focus on simple, clean lines.

The simplistic logo options aren’t a fit for every brand. For example, if you are an antique dealer then a modern and sleek logo probably doesn’t line up with your brand’s identity. But, you can still give your logo a quick revamp by swapping out image or text elements for fresh, new options.

Update The Colors

Colors go out of style, right? There aren’t too many people picking out pink shag carpet and orange wallpaper for their living room anymore. Colors are one of the fastest changing trends in all aspects of design.

Keep your logo relevant by updating the color palette. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing all of your colors entirely. You can achieve an entirely new look by eliminating one or two out of date colors or by increasing the visual presence of one color that is still trendy. Navy blue, greys and greens are all really popular colors currently.

Embrace A New Image

If your logo has an image element then it may be time to spruce it up. Technology and graphics have advanced over the years. Depending upon when your logo was created, it may quickly be showing signs of aging. Think of the quality of cartoons when you were a kid compared to the quality of animations now. That’s how far digital design has come!

You can either work with a graphic designer to make your current image more relevant or opt for a new image entirely. Or, if you really want to take a leap, forget the image all together. Logos that are text only can be just as visually appealing and thought provoking as their image-laced counterparts.

Try A New Font

A new font for a logo is like sending your logo for a day at the spa and having it re-emerge as a new person. You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, so is a font! There are different types of fonts for everything and each one creates an entirely different feeling. 

Pairing fonts together is another easy way to give a logo an additional boost. If you want to try your hand at pairing a couple new fonts, you want to be sure to choose fonts that contrast and yet still complement one another. A script style usually pairs well with a serif. You can also manipulate the look and feel by using all capital letters or making one of the fonts bold.

Play With Ratios And Positioning

If you’ve ever repositioned your furniture in your home, then you know what a little repositioning can do. Feng shui goes a long way! Moving your couch to a different wall can make your living room feel entirely different. It’s the same thing for a logo.

If your logo has a combination of text and an image, play with the scale and positioning of each. What if you moved the text below the image or reduced the text size and placed it vertically? There are so many possibilities when you start thinking outside the box of conventional placement and positioning.

A little bit of imagination and a lot of trial and error will set you on the right path to a killer new logo in no time!

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Sam Ryan

“Sam is an entrepreneur with a strong technical background and a bachelors degree in web development. His personal mantra includes a firm belief in the power of teamwork, the wisdom of taking risks, and that there’s nothing better than bacon. Sam has been a part of the launch of several companies, including Hatchwise, where he is the CTO and all-around guru.”