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What’s Trending in 2020 for Creative Hires

Creative hiring is important for so many people! Many say that finding the right professional is difficult in this sector. The trends are in for 2020, and people are planning to add both full-time team members and freelancers to fill creative roles at their companies.

Most of the roles are in things like web design and user experience. With tech-related jobs leading the way, better salaries and freelance rates can be expected.

Creative development and web production round out the creative roles that managers are looking to fill out this year.

People are looking for those with skills in relationship-building, with content marketing and strategy as well as social media and digital strategy topping the list of in-demand skills.

Vacancies also exist in AI, machine learning, data analysis, A/B testing, and UI design. It seems that everyone wants an excellent web experience, and companies are here to deliver!

Creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills are the most needed soft skills within creative fields.

These skills contribute to a lot of things in the workforce, but likely they are wanted because of the sheer volume of content and advertising needed online.

These skills help people create massive amounts of content that really differentiate companies as they try to appeal to consumers.

It’s a candidate’s market this year, and that means perks for senior employees and those with in-demand skills.

Some areas employers are seeking to improve are with employee wellness, flex options, and signing bonuses. While wages haven’t risen much in the U.S. for the last few years, it could be the year that trend discontinues if the field remains a candidate’s market for long.

Image is everything, as they say, and that remains true for online. This is the year companies are seeking to elevate their online offerings and presence. Candidates who help them stand out in this area will find themselves with more competitive packages than others.

You might be surprised to find data analysis and AI listed in the creative category. But these jobs, while not related to content and branding as much as some other creative jobs, require some creativity as well as a sense of numbers.

Without information, companies don’t have much to go on when it comes to the creative materials and agenda needed. So these newer fields of AI and data analysis are integral to companies who want their creative departments to make informed decisions about direction.

In addition to skills and experience, employers are still looking for the old stand-by’s: collaboration, adaptability, business acumen, curiosity, and a killer portfolio.

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