Bi-weekly Resource Roundup Volume 1

Hello everyone!
The New Year has kicked off, bringing new challenges, experiences and successes to us all in some form or another.

Here at Flocksy, we are dedicated to helping your business knock it out of the park in the coming year, and continuing to make the creative projects on your to do list not just easy, but fun as well.

We are confident that exciting things are ahead, for both your business and ours, as we pave new roads together in 2021!  


Sam Ryan 


Featured team member design of the month:

This cool custom brand graphic was drawn from scratch by Flocksy team member Sunardi for a current client

How Small Businesses Can Use YouTube To Grow

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone

If you’re a small business trying to compete with larger corporations, YouTube is a great place to start. Here are some simple but effective tips to running a successful YouTube channel.

How To Pick A Business Name And Trademark It.

by Flocksy writer Alexander Lundrigan

All brands need a catchy and recognizable business name. Picking the right name can be challenging, but there are simple tips and tricks to help you..

Essential Marketing Plan Tips For Small Businesses

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone

Here are five tips for developing and executing an effective marketing plan for the first-time small business owner

7 Methods For Living Distraction Free

by Flocksy writer Matt Gladstone

Don’t succumb to the distractions of the modern world; use these tips and tricks to calm the storm in your mind and your life.