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How Small Businesses Can Use YouTube To Grow

Small businesses today are doing everything they can to keep up with global corporations in terms of marketing and visibility. Luckily, the internet has provided an even playing field for many components of a well-run marketing strategy. One of the most popular platforms on the web today is the video hosting site YouTube, where millions of creators upload billions of hours of content every week. If you’re a small business trying to compete with larger corporations, YouTube is a great place to start. Here are some simple but effective tips to running a successful YouTube channel.

  • Create content unique to your brand and business
  • Maximize SEO opportunities just like traditional internet marketing
  • Know that your channel is only one part of a greater marketing network

Make Sure Your Content Is Unique And Distinct

Many uploaders make the mistake of copying an existing, popular uploader. The problem with riding the coattails of a popular video is that people are not eager to watch the same video twice. Viewers are always eager and excited to move to the next video, the next tutorial or product, so they won’t click on a video that’s clearly trying to duplicate one they’ve already seen.

Original content, however, satisfies the desire to watch new and exciting content that feels fresh and original. This feeling is a form of value to the YouTube user, the feeling of excitement and newness which drives them to use the platform in the first place.

Pay Close Attention To SEO

YouTube is similar to Google in that it organizes its results by way of search topics and keywords. To maximize your YouTube marketing plan, you must have a firm knowledge of popular keywords, words which garner a higher number of views consistently. Using keywords and tailoring your videos to the search algorithm will increase your view count and make it easier for interested parties to find your videos.

The process to generating keywords is simple; first, come up with some keywords that answer your clients’ questions and cater to their needs. Next, type in those examples into YouTube and look at the search results. You want keywords that generate a high number of results, as this indicates your keywords have been searched numerous times and the topic or answer is one many people want to view. Armed with your keywords and the confidence of your topic, focus on your title, which should directly describe what will happen in the video while being unique to other videos on the site.

Learn How To Efficiently Create Videos Routinely

One of the worst kept secrets in any video creation company is that it takes a substantial amount of time and effort to create even a rudimentary video. As you’ll quickly discover, organization is key in running a YouTube channel, as there are many creative tasks to assign to any number of skilled artisans. For instance, you’ll need to write a script, hire actors, invest lightly in editing software and an editor, rent some lights and someone who knows how to use them quickly and effectively, and create a unified vision for each one of your videos.

These are just some of the roles and jobs you’ll want to make sure are filled by those who know what they’re doing if you want to build an effective YouTube channel. Of course, many videos will not be too intricate or resource draining but hammering out a budget and a workflow will save you time and money in the long run, on top of preventing many a creatively fueled headache.

Enable Embedding On All Videos

Millions of users share YouTube videos among friends and on other social platforms, but not enabling embedding on your videos is a simple way to deprive yourself of this free advertising. Embedding is required to make sure your content can be seen and shared not just by those on YouTube, but by those on other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Users will click “share” and be shown the embed option if it’s properly turned on. They can then copy the embedding code and simply paste it onto another blog or website of their choosing.

To enable embedding, click on Creator Studio, then find the video’s edit page. Click “Advanced Settings” then scroll to “Distribution options” to ensure that “Allow Embedding” has been toggled on or ticked. It’s a simple feature to miss, but not allowing embedding could potentially cost you thousands of views and prevent your video from being shared and discussed on other popular sites on the web.

Create A Blog To Supplement Your Channel

Blogs are the most important, far-reaching, and actionable form of marketing content on the web right now. Even if your main focus is YouTube users, it’s never a bad idea to create a blog to go along with your YouTube copy. Marketers consistently rank blogs as the most vital resource your marketing team can utilize, so create one that pairs nicely with your video. The blog should be a summary of what happens in the video and should clarify any points that you feel have not been made sufficiently.

Additionally, you can always link your video within your blog, doubling down on views and growing your brand from multiple avenues at once. An insightful, well-written blog is a natural gateway to your YouTube channel, as many people would prefer to watch video content than read about the same content.

A witty, engaging blog will entice your reader to spend more time with your brand, starting a journey of discovery that should lead to more sales and more trust between you and the customer. Whatever your ultimate goal, pairing your video with a blog always creates a multidimensional presentation which enhances professionalism and further engages the customer.


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