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Seven Ways To Impress Your Boss

The research is clear: one of the most important aspects to a successful career is building healthy relationships. This is especially true when that relationship is between you and your boss. When you’re not on their good side, it can be difficult to get ahead in your company and secure promotions. But what does impressing your boss actually entail? How do I know if I have a good relationship with my manager? Well, read on! Below are seven proven ways to set yourself up for workplace success.

Challenge Yourself

The most successful people in the world are those who take risks and challenge themselves to do things they never thought possible. Stretching yourself to go above and beyond what is expected of you will make an excellent impression on your boss. When faced with a stack of work, those who are able to complete it in three days instead of seven come across as the most committed employees.

Be Consistent

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for an employee or a manager to consistently deliver on expectations; if you only occasionally meet your obligations, that will not go unnoticed. The difference between someone who always sees their commitments through and one who does so inconsistently is impossible to ignore, so be sure to show consistency on the job. When you’re constantly delivering the best results with no excuses, your hard work will be noticed by those around you. When this happens it can motivate and inspire others to get on board too.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

No matter what, you should always make sure that you are on top of your game. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by what your coworkers are doing or what the managers have said. When you arrive at work each day, take a moment to take in your surroundings. Think about how you look and feel in your clothes, and make sure you are 100% presentable. Also, try to think positively and don’t focus on what you don’t have. Making an active effort to push negative thoughts out of your head will allow you to stay focused on the tasks at hand and gain greater respect from those around you.

Take Initiative

Initiative is a strong indicator of success. Those who are creative and take initiative tend to be more successful in life. When you finish an assignment, do you wait to be told what will happen next? Or are you the type of person that looks for a new task or problem and fixes it before anyone else can see it themselves? Those who take initiative are constantly looking around their environment – they know where everything is in case something needs tending too.

Solve Problems

There are a thousand things in every organization that need fixing, but the average person won’t make an attempt and then complain about how this job is dumb. Achieving greatness means getting up to fix something when you’re not 100% satisfied with it. If you figure out a difficult problem to fix in your company then people will always remember you for it.

Set The Bar High

A fantastic employee not only performs well and encourages others to do the same, but often does this by their example when no one is looking- an admirable trait that any leader would want in a team member or themselves! They also bring enthusiasm with them every day which can lighten up even the most difficult days at work. A great measure for how successful someone has been at achieving this is if they are able to encourage other people around them while doing the work too. Going out of your way and setting an excellent example just makes things better all around.

Love What You Do

Working with someone who loves what they do and is always enthusiastic can be very exciting. Working alongside a person who does not enjoy their job, but tries to find the good in it anyways because of office politics can feel crushing after awhile. It may be easy to say that you would never let someone like this get the best of you, but it’s an unspeakable truth that we often cannot control who we work with. Maybe it’s time to be your own best advocate and let your employer know what you would like to get done, what you want to learn, and what you would like to change. If you’re not happy with your job then find a position that would do you better.

Your boss might lead many different teams within the organization, which means she needs her employees’ support more than anything: make sure that when faced with tough decisions or difficult situations, you are supporting your boss rather than undermining her authority. You can build a great future for yourself by setting a positive example and demonstrating your value to the company.