Bi-Weekly Resource Roundup Vol 13

Featured Flocksy Team Member Design Of The Month:

Here is a custom label mockup created for a client by Flocksy team member Airice.

All custom illustrations/brand designs/marketing materials on Flocksy are created completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented graphic design creatives.

Start a graphic design project today and see results in just hours!  

6 Writing Tips To Help You Write Fast And Professionally

  by Flocksy writer Rachel E.
  You’ve come to the right place to read tips on how to master writing fast, while still keeping your work coherent and professional. There are a few great ways to implement efficient writing habits that will have you meeting your deadlines within a timely manner.  continue

Tips For Crafting Your Resume So It Gets Noticed

by Flocksy writer David G.
  For recruiters who are always on the lookout for great talent and quality candidates to fill their open positions, a polished and professional resume is very much sought after. It’s one thing to do the hard work on your resume, but it’s another thing to do it in a thoughtful manner. So with that in mind, here are a few great ways to get your resume noticed.    continue    

10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Rankings Using SEO Tactics

by Flocksy writer Kasey V.
  As much as 93 percent of internet experiences begin with a search. Think about how often you turn to your favorite search engine, whether it’s to find a hot new restaurant or to get the answer to your burning question. Right now, people are searching for answers to their questions. Are you ranking high enough for them to find you?  continue

Utilizing Google Trends To Enhance Marketing Content

by Flocksy writer Matt G.
  Google has a tool which helps you create better and more favorable content more easily, called Google Trends. This tool is great for keeping your content fresh and up to the minute. It also contains many features to check on competition and enhance your existing your content. Here are five ways you can use Google Trends in your favor.   continue