15 Famous Fashion Logos

Fashion and clothing brands that stick around for many years often become iconic with loyal followers over the years and maybe even decades. The most influential fashion brands also have logos that hold meaning and prestige all their own. The concept of name-brand clothing relies upon easy recognition of a company’s logo.

While fashion adjusts and changes with public preferences, the logos generally remain the same. The best companies will adapt to the changing tide while maintaining the recognition and reputation of their brand. A memorable logo will help a brand do just that. These 15 companies have iconic and recognizable logos to some who may not even closely follow fashion.


Nike creates athletic clothing and athleasure items for athletes and fans alike. The Nike swoosh is not only on every shoe Nike creates, it is also on many of their clothing items, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. The Nike swoosh is also synonymous with its slogan “Just Do It.” Since so many athletes wear Nike clothing, this one has also gained notoriety from who wears the logo. The logo not only symbolizes movement and athleticism, but it also seems like it is in motion.


Chanel is a prestigious fashion company known for their high fashion merchandise, jewelry, accessories, and fragrance. Their logo is two interlocking “C”s standing for Coco Chanel, the company’s founder. This logo is so beloved, it adorns almost everything the company produces, even as a belt buckle. The Chanel company name and logo carry an air of wealth and prestige.


Gucci sells a wide array of fashionable items. Like Chanel, Gucci’s logo has two interlocking “G”s for Guccio Gucci’s name. Gucci created the logo 11 years after Chanel, so it seems very possible Chanel inspired Gucci. In any case, their logo is also beloved and represents high class and wealth.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a luxury clothing, accessory, and cosmetic company. Their logo consists of an “L” and “V” linked together. This is possibly one of the most counterfeited logos out there because it is so popular. So prized and recognizable, the company has even used its logo in a popular pattern on merchandise.


Though Coach is a clothing company, they are best known for their handbags. Their logo is a horse carrying a stagecoach that harkens back to a Victorian era of elegance, prestige, and wealth.


Ray-Ban sells luxury sunglasses. Offering both prescription and base models, customers will find their frames in eyeglass stores as well as their website. The casual look of the logo is meant to represent the relaxed, laid-back philosophy of the company. This script-style logo is also on each pair of glasses they create.


Levi’s is best known for its blue jeans, but they have many other clothing items too. The first logo with color on this list, the Levi logo, connotes a note of action and movement with the use of red. Its stylized lines also show customers that their designs are measured and specific.


Hollister is a clothing company for teenagers. The relaxed feel of the company is evident from the logo where a seagull flies above the company name atop the state of California. Meant to pull surfer life vibes, this logo is identifiable and reflective of the company’s branding.

The North Face

The North Face is a clothing company that creates outdoor adventuring gear. This logo is usually prominently featured as an icon on the chest of the clothing item. Representing their outdoor roots, the logo was inspired by the Half Dome Peak in Yosemite. The Half Dome has a sheer granite face and three other smooth and rounded sides.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American clothing company, and they market themselves as proud of that fact. So proud, in fact, they have the colors of the American flag integrated into their logo.


Rolex is a worldwide name for luxury watches. A grand aspiration for many, their logo plays into the fantasy with a rich, deep green typescript that flaunts wealth. In addition, there’s a gold crown atop the logo to further accentuate the brand’s exclusivity.


Versace is a high fashion company. Their name and logo get heavy recognition. For the logo, the founder wanted people to be infatuated with the company immediately, so Gianni Versace used the likeness of Medusa, a Greek God. Medusa is best known for being able to turn men to stone with her gaze. That’s one way to capture an audience.


H&M is a popular fashion brand that brings comfortable, quality fashion to people are a reasonable price. The logo is bright red, relaxed, and playful in capital letters representing their founders’ names: Hennes and Mauritz.


Adidas is a sporting goods company making clothing, accessories, and shoes for athletes. The mountains in their logo represent the challenges you have yet to conquer.


Different from many other brands on this list, Stüssy is a streetwear company. Very popular in hip hop and skateboarding cultures, Shawn Stussy used his signature as the logo.