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12 Great Packaging Designs To Inspire You.

Pure, authentic branding is one of the most powerful things you can do to get your messaging and products to the world. The right packaging design will make your brand identifiable and distinguishable.

Thus, enabling an element of trust within your clients. How people perceive your company is critical in growing a vibrant audience that raves and supports your business.

Developing the “know, like, trust” factor when marketing your products will transform and naturally attract more attention to whatever it is you are marketing.

People enjoy buying from organizations they feel confident in. In the age of e-commerce, product packaging does not only take things from point A to point B, but it is the only physical touch point that brands have with their customers.

Think of your packaging design as your display window. The first impression is the only impression your consumer could potentially have of your work.

The right merchandise design will allow you to stand out and improve your online presence.

Below are 12 innovative ideas that have taken the packaging world by storm. Use these as inspirations to out-design your business competitors and get the audience you crave.

  1. Nike Air

What better way to translate the imagery of the softness and comfortability of air pillow sneakers than by packaging them inside an actual air cushion design?

It is an aesthetically pleasing way to highlight the benefit of the sneaker. The language is clear; these sneakers will make you feel like you’re walking on air. The effectiveness of this esthetic heightens the marketing.

  1. WhiteBites

If you want your brand to be discernible from a sea of online content, your product packaging needs to be striking. An effective way to strategize this is to make your design memorable. Whitebites illustrates this brilliantly.

Your product packaging should communicate the messaging of your brand in a way that is unique and attracts attention.

  1. Trident Gum

Creativity is a highly desirable quality. In the design of your product packaging, you can incorporate a level of innovation to engage your potential consumer to purchase your product.

Trident gum is a fantastic example of design packaging executed excellently and with originality. Speaking to your audience’s emotions and innate creativity is a surefire way to convert them to buying customers.

  1. Note Headphones

Your consumer’s purchasing decision is dependent on how well connected they feel to your brand. Designing your product package with this in mind will help you convert more customers.

An instance of this approach implemented creatively is note headphones. Clever ways to aesthetically express the value of your product will entice your target audience.

  1. Blood Of Grapes Wine Bottles

Constantin Bolimond developed a concept that synchronized brilliantly with its product name, Blood of grapes wine bottles. The style was created and themed after the shape of a heart.

It’s a striking visual representation. It is mesmerizing because it’s unexpected, a fantastic way to grab your audience’s attention. The product design is not yet available for retail.

  1. Kohberg Bakery Group

The largest bread manufacturer knows a thing about appealing to their ideal consumers. Their sketch attracts attention to the fight against breast cancer. The visual image is vibrant and innovative.

Appeals to emotion are an effective way to persuade and influence potential consumers. We make decisions based on our intuitive and emotional responses. Speaking to emotions is a compelling way to move people to action.

  1. Big Mouth Monster Self-Adhesive Treat Bag

What better way to intensify your consumer’s natural urge for candy than by strategically placing a mouth on the product packaging design? Triggering a consumer’s impulse buying is an effective marketing strategy.

And a great way to increase your revenue and create brand loyalty. Fazer Vilpuri cookies and breadrolls is an example of this technique executed excellently.

  1. Creatives Wall

Design packaging does not need to be complex. You do not need to recreate the wheel.

All you have to do is put your creative spin on what is already working in your market. For example, you can add a clever design to a simple paper bag.

9. Puppy Skincare

Puppy skincare created a beautiful package for their lipstick product. The vintage cat visual directly speaks to the messaging of the brand.

Their brand’s emblematic consistencies create an ambiance of loyalty and dedication amongst their audience.

10. Louboutin

Louboutin is one of the most recognizable and distinguishable brands in the market.

Its packaging designs have an air of sleek minimalism that speaks directly to the high-end quality of its products.

11. Hexagon Honey

The hexagon honey bottle design stands out from the blend of sameness most honey jars have. A true example of what it means to make your brand packaging exceptional.

12. H&M Box Packaging

This fun and eccentric box packaging is a fantastic way to grab your consumer’s attention. The design gives a sense of whimsicalness and joy.

Wrapping Up

When designing your product packaging, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from what has survived the test of time. And remember to add your individual brand’s uniqueness and core messaging. Make your consumer’s first impression a lasting one.