Bi Weekly Resource Roundup Vol 12

Great Articles and Designs to Inspire You!

Featured Team Member Design Of The Month:

Here is a custom character design mockup created for a client by Flocksy team member Alberto.

All custom illustrations/brand designs/marketing materials on Flocksy are created completely from scratch by one of our extremely talented graphic design creatives.

Start a graphic design project today and see results in just hours!

How To Hire A YouTube Editor

  by Flocksy writer Sophia
  Editing videos can be a timely process. Yet, video editing is so necessary for marketing your business and reaching your audience. You may be considering how to hire a youtube editor for your business.  continue

14 Clever Tech Logos That You Can Use As Inspiration For Your Start-Up

by Flocksy writer Rachel Estes
  If you are researching inspiration for impactful, yet simplistic, logos for your new tech start up, this list has some amazing ideas. Read on to discover 14 clever logos from well established tech companies.    continue    

6 Benefits Of Having Your Employees Work Remotely

by Flocksy writer Rachel Estes
  Studies have found that businesses that implement remote work policies see increased productivity, efficiency, and fulfillment from their employees, which in turn means your business will benefit greatly.  continue

Branding Vs. Marketing: Building Relationships While Driving Sales

by Flocksy writer Kasey Van Dyke
  Understanding the differences between branding and marketing is crucial in developing effective strategies and strong tactics.  continue