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6 Benefits Of Having Your Employees Work Remotely

The opportunity of remote work is one of the best things you can do for your company. Employees are the heart and soul of an organization. Studies have found that businesses that implement remote work policies see increased productivity, efficiency, and fulfillment from their employees, which in turn means your business will benefit greatly.

There are a few concerns that managers may have, such as questions like, ““How will I know if my team is actually working?” or “Letting them work outside of the office would disrupt our company’s culture.” Though valid concerns, offering remote work provides you and your employees with more benefits than perhaps a traditional office environment does.

  • Remote work embraces work-life flexibility.
  • Remote work allows your employees to have a deeper focus on their work and daily tasks.
  • Remote work provides the business with an opportunity to scout talent internationally. 

Find out more below about the benefits of having a remote team.

Remote Work Adds To Productivity.

One thing you can count on from your remote team is increased productivity.

‍Some people work better from home without the distractions of an in-office environment. Employees have more “quiet time” to focus on answers to clients’ questions and solving issues, whereas if they were in the office, this time can get interrupted by the occasional coworkers popping in the cubicle to ask for assistance with something. 

The ability to work from home also gives people more time to work on projects “after hours”, whether that be in the morning  before work or the evening after work. They are not tied to set hours.

Employees bringing their work outside of the office allows them to also be creative in inspiring places – such as the coffee shop, or at the beach or park. The more enriching and  calming the environment, the more quality work that employees produce for the company.

Remote Work Means Less Meetings.

Meetings in office, while sometimes necessary for goal setting and direct communication on projects, can sometimes be called just for “fluff” or to simply do a quick check in with the team. These impromptu “chit chats” can cut into much needed time that employees need to work on their projects, leading to pushed back deadlines and frustration.

For remote employees, those types of meetings don’t happen, or atleast, not as often. Meetings are conducted over video software like Zoom or over the phone. Since there are no constant office interactions, when remote meetings are held, it is mostly with a purpose and for coworkers to check in on project status updates and bring up any new news that they may have. Remote meetings are often held to a specific time limit so employees can get back to working on the projects that will actually have a direct impact on your business. 

Efficiency is everything to a remote employee, which means they’re spending less time on redundant communication with repetitive meetings, and more time getting work done for your business.

Remote Work Allows Your Best Employees To Shine.

As far as first dibs on working remotely, it is likely that the employees that you’ll be willing to let work remotely are those who are already star players.They are go-getters, your team leaders and the first people who point out problems in your systems and present potential solutions to the team. They’re the employees that you hope stick around with the company as they are a great asset to the bottom line. 

By working outside of the office, this is the chance for your employees to showcase their skills and ability to effectively complete projects without micromanagement. Grant your employees the opportunity  to work where they want, and the return on investment as far as more high-quality work and goal completion will follow. 

Remote employees aren’t confined to the echo chamber that can be a traditional work environment. They are more likely to be inspired by their surroundings and present ideas  in a more clear way than they would being surrounded by dozens of coworkers, noise and chaos of an office setting.

Remote Work Is An Incentive To Work Hard.

What kind of incentives do you currently offer at your organization in order to retain your best talent? Do you have something in place where if your employees meet their monthly goals, they are allowed to work from home for a few days or weeks throughout the month or year?

The ability to work remotely is a big incentive that resonates with many people. It lets them know that their employer trusts them to get their work done at the same high levels that are expected in the office.  It also shows that the business recognizes that not everyone prefers, or works efficiently, in an office environment and that the organization is taking necessary steps that will compliment all of their employees. It tells employees that their job views them more than just walking machines, but as humans first. 

The flexibility of remote working can promote employees to work hard at maintaining their ability to work outside of the office. 

‍Remote Work Is A Networking Opportunity.

For the average person working traditional 9-5 schedules, many professionals miss out on attending development and networking opportunities that foster professional growth that fall within this 8-hour period. Others have familial commitments outside of work that make it difficult to prioritize professional development, stunting the potential growth of your employee, and thus, your business.

‍Remote work can eliminate these types of conflicts. Aside from being able to work where they please, remote work provides employees with the opportunity to work during their most productive hours, and pursue professional development outside of that time when it fits their schedule. With more flexibility, employees have the power to build on the professional skills that they need to excel within your organization. 

Giving your best employees the freedom to seek out and attend education and engagement within their career roles is a great way for you to position your company as a leader who cares about their employees’ career paths. When other professionals meet your employee at  networking events or skill-based classes, their  first impression will be a positive one, and will potentially reflect well on your business, allowing you to build a reputation for excellence while supporting your employees’ development.

Remote Work Allows Companies To Expand Internationally.

Aside from being beneficial to your current employees, remote work initiatives will lead to other expanded opportunities for your business.

‍Perhaps the greatest asset is that you’ll have a larger talent pool to choose from when you’re going through the hiring process. Traditionally, companies are regulated to hiring professionals who live within a reasonable distance from their geographic location so that they can come into the office at any time.

‍With remote work on the table, a world of possibilities opens up. Now, you can hire an accountant who is based in the UK to oversee your credit department, or a software developer based in Egypt to handle the ins and outs of your computer system. The greatest thing is that, whether you have one remote employee or many, the communication channels between your team don’t have to become more complicated. Video calls and a time zone calculator are your new best friends.

When it comes to remote work, the benefits far exceed any potential complications.  Remote work is not only viewed positively by employees, but also encourages them to consistently work at a high, efficient level in order to keep this perk. Remote employees are not only more productive and efficient with their time, they are more likely to excel in professional growth, motivated to produce high-quality work, and more likely to stay at your company for a longer period of time. Allowing your employees to work remotely will allow them to thrive, which in turn, will  push your business to thrive as well. 

Remote work is the future.


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