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12 of the Best Online Logos

  • The importance of an online presence
  • A glimpse at the best online logos

An online presence is important these days. Many brands are finding that they have to adapt their logos to look amazing online. They are simplifying things to make them look good on mobile.

But some brands have the online logo down pat. Whether they’ve worked through a couple iterations of their logo or stuck with an original, these brands know how to make an impression online.


This is a logo that could become a classic. It features easy-to-read lettering and a dot-com element that lets you know that it is an online business. The shoeprint-as-exclamation-mark makes this logo approachable and adds a bit of humor.

The online shoe retailer is a huge business, but it appeals to the masses with a logo that is almost cute.

Nasty Gal

Natsty Gal began as a vintage retailer. This was a largely unpenetrated market online when it began in 2006.

The logo features a fresh, edgy script that doesn’t sit straight on a line. The market is mostly younger women with a hip look, so the hand-written feeling works for this brand.


Etsy sells handmade or vintage manufactured goods. Each store owner has their own little shop on the platform.

The branding here is a bright orange dot with a simple script. It speaks to creativity and independent thinking, which is essential for this business.


This logo is bound to become another classic. Written in lowercase letters in an approachable font, there is a single curved arrow gesturing from the ‘a’ to the ‘z.’ The whole logo appeals to the mass consumer goods market as it has an easy and friendly vibe.


The eBay logo is bright, colorful, and eclectic, just like the brand. People love shopping for all kinds of things on eBay. The online marketplace has been online since 1995.

This logo is probably a classic already. It used to feature the letters unevenly spaced in a staircase format. But the logo has been changed to reflect a more even spacing.


Alibaba is another online retail giant. Based in China, it is considered to be a major competitor of Amazon. This logo features a gesture profile of an Alibaba-like character that is reminiscent of the namesake character.

This is an interesting logo because the word ‘Alibaba’ is bold, but the dot-com piece is not in bold.


This logo has evolved a bit since 1962. Today, it’s one of the most recognized logos in America. What more could you ask of a brand named target than a bold bulls-eye in classic red?

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is not a real person. But people know this logo like she is. The classic red spoon with informal lettering on it conjures up images of home and hearth.

The brand hasn’t changed much since it began, and the logo has also remained largely the same.


This popular chain carries just about everything under the sun. The blue lettering appeals to a broad group of people. The yellow spokes remind us of the exclamation points marking a great idea.

Barnes & Noble

Like the famous bookstores, this logo is sophisticated and comfortable. A bit of subtle color increases the brand recognition. But the letters and the oversized ampersand are all classic.

Mr. Chocolate

This beautiful and classic logo is all about Jacques Torres. His name is featured on it along with some bright cocoa leaves or beans outlined in dark brown. But the real stunner in this logo is the lettering.

The calligraphy combined with serif and sans-serif fonts are as beautiful as the chocolates are delicious.


Rakuten means optimism in Japanese, and this logo lives up to its namesake. The logo just looks efficient and businesslike enough to make anyone optimistic about their enterprise.

The red is a bit darker than classic red, but it’s certainly an optimistic and warm shade.


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