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4 Basic Tools To Succeed As An Entrepreneur In 2021

With 2020 over, many new entrepreneurs are looking to enter the market and launch their start-ups, with the hope that this year will be less challenging than the previous one. What many of these entrepreneurs must first consider, however, is that there are several tools every hopeful small business owner should have in their back pocket.

The world has changed vastly in just the last five years, so it’s important to know where you stand and where you’re going when starting a business. Here are the four most important and most basic things needed to start a business this year.

  • Build a website that your customers love
  • Choose a keyword-rich and clear domain name
  • Invest in collaboration software for your employees

You’ll Need A Business Website

In this day and age, there’s no doing business unless you first have a business website. There are many components to consider when creating your website too. For example, your site should be easy to navigate and host content which keeps users on the page for as long as possible and keeps them coming back for more.

Websites are the first and primary forms of communication with your customers, as they tell them everything they need to know which is currently going on in your business and what will be happening in the future. There are many ways and options you have to build a business website.

Some new small business owners actually build it themselves with the help of software like WordPress, while others opt to pass off this foundational step to third party companies who specialize in this work. No matter how you choose to build your website, it’s absolutely imperative that you have a space for hosting your product or service offerings and for your current and future customers to communicate in.

A Strong Domain Name

When you decide to launch your business website, you’ll have to choose a domain name to go alongside it. Choosing a domain name is not as simple as it first sounds, however. A strong domain name will more easily lead customers to your site and help them remember your business in the future. A weak domain name can be confusing and lead to far fewer users than on average.

The first thing to remember that your domain name should be directly related and specific to your chosen business. Many of the top businesses today have domain names that directly relate to their company name or function of their company.

In addition, you can make your domain rich in keywords and inherent to solving a problem your customers are trying to figure out. For example, if you’re a tire shop located in Maine, you should put both the words “tire” and “Maine” in your domain name; this way, people looking for tires in Maine will immediately be directed toward your website.

Software For Collaboration

The pandemic in 2020 greatly shifted the paradigms associated with working in a single location. Many businesses around the country and the world are still working from home, and many of these have no plans to return to the traditional one-location worksite, even after the pandemic has ended.

Having your employees work remotely will greatly save on costs associated with the rent and utilities of your office and save your employees time and money as well because of the lack of transportation needs. However, if you’re planning for your employees to work from home, you’ll need the proper software to give them a tool to collaborate and work with each other without significant distraction or obstacles.

Luckily, there are already many of these types of software, including Trello and Asana. Documentation needs can also be taken care of with Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox, just to name a few. These collaboration platforms will keep your time working efficiently and effectively while they work remotely.

A Flexible Business Plan

Finally, on top of the needed tools you’ll need to compete in this digital era – like a business website and domain name – you’ll need a business plan that is both flexible and adaptable for these uncertain times. In this plan, you’ll need to lay out a few facts, both for your long-term strategy and potential investors and customers.

Firstly, you’ll need to come up with a succinct and engaging business description. You’ll also want to know exactly how much your business is worth. Secondly, you’ll need to strategize on how you’ll grow the business, both in the short and long term. You should plan for both the next three months and the next three years, considering every available resource you have at your disposable.

You’ll also want to come up with some customer profiles and a company overview which will guide you as you navigate the mysteries and obstacles of owning a small business. Having this plan in your back pocket will keep you focused on the important details and help you understand the nuances of your businesses as you grow and expand.


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