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5 Important Types of Emails You Should Be Sending To Your Subscribers

In today’s world, we spend a ton of time emailing. It’s one of the most common forms of communication, with an estimated 246 billion emails sent every single day. It’s also a surprisingly effective marketing tool, especially when a company uses their email marketing to authentically and professionally communicate with their customers.

There are many types of emails you can send to your customers. How do you know which one to send? The key is knowing your purpose behind the email.

  • Office workers get more than 100 emails every day. To get your emails to be opened, you need them to stand out. Do that with an offer.
  • You can use a Request Email to ask your subscribers to complete a task, like following you on one of your social media channels, writing a testimonial, sharing your content, or completing a survey.
  • Using Lead Nurturing Emails, you can introduce your company to your subscribers while also building their trust in your brand.
  • If you have big news about your company, even if it’s just about your store hours changing, let your customers know with an Announcement Email.
  • People want to get answers to their questions. You can answer your customers questions in a Newsletter Email and gain their trust.

To Offer

A great way to get your customers to open your emails is to offer them something. Who doesn’t want something for free? An easy one is the Free Gift Email. As the name suggests, in this type of email, you offer them a free gift. With the average office worker getting about 121 emails every day, seeing that they got the gift of a discount or a free download could be the thing that pushes them to click. Consider offering them tools that make their lives better, as well.

Another offer email that you should consider sending regularly is the Value Email. While it might look like a newsletter at first glance, it differs in its purpose. The main goal of the Value Email is to build your subscriber’s trust in your company. To do this, you provide value by offering them content they find relevant, like blog posts, inspiration, or tips. Use these as an opportunity to prove to your customer that you know what they are looking for and are happy to curate it for them.

To Ask

Often a company is looking to offer their customers something, but sometimes we need to flip the tables and ask our customers for their help. For example, a Survey Email in which you ask your customers to complete a short one to three-question survey to get some feedback. A more direct form of an asking email is the Request Email. With these, you are asking your subscriber to complete a task, like writing a testimonial, sharing your content, or subscribing on another social media channel.

A more sales-focused ask email is the Reorder or Renew Email. If you sell physical products, you would send a Reorder Email to ask your customer to order from you again. If you offer a service, the Renewal Email is a great way to ask for them to continue with your service. These are similar to a Re-engagement Email, where you are asking someone who hasn’t been engaging with your emails for a while to start connecting with you again. The Reengagement Email is important because the more often your emails go unread, the lower your deliverability and the more likely you’ll end up in the spam folder.

To Introduce

Emails are an easy way to introduce and market your company and your products or services to your customer base. Start with a Welcome Email to introduce your subscriber to the company. Use this as a way to help them understand what they can expect from your emails. These lead well into Lead Nurturing Emails. With Lead Nurturing Emails, you send a series of emails to build the subscribers trust and awareness of your brand by continuing to introduce your company and your products or services to them, as well as your company mission.

You can also use email to introduce products with a Product Email. If you are launching a new product or service, you need to promote and introduce it to your customer base and with a Product Email, you can do that on a wide scope while staying cost effective.

To Announce

As your company grows, it will evolve. Things will change, even depending on the season. Email is an excellent way to spread the word about these changes. With an Announcement Email, you can share any news about your company, from changing holiday hours to big company decisions. It’s also a way to announce upcoming sales, promotions, events, and offerings. Along those lines, consider sending a We Are Hiring Email the next time you need to add a couple new workers to your staff. Your subscribers who read your emails love your company and will be able to help you fill the opening quickly.

You should also start sending Milestone Emails to your customers. Also known as Anniversary Emails, these celebrate your customers first purchase with you or the date they subscribed to your emails. Consider sending them a little “anniversary gift” in the form of a discount code or a low-value free item.

To Inform

The internet is a wealth of knowledge. It’s where we go when we have questions and answering those questions can quickly build your online following and customer base. Part of answering those questions is with informative emails. Arguably the most common form of email marketing is the Newsletter Email. In this, you can address your customers’ pain points, questions, and concerns. Just remember to be intriguing, have quality information, and most importantly, be interesting.

Another way of informing your subscribers about the value of your company is with a Testimonial Email. With these, you are informing them using social proof that you are a company worth spending their money at. It will also help to build their trust in you and will likely lead to an increase in sales.


As you connect with your customers through email, you are building the relationship with them. By choosing the right type of email, you can accomplish specific marketing goals. In doing so, you can better achieve your sales goals and build your company as a whole.


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