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5 Key Focuses To Grow Your Facebook Group Fast

  • Making sure the link to your Facebook group is absolutely everywhere it can be, you will get it in front of far more people than you would otherwise.
  • Using as many media formats and social media platforms as you can will expand your audience to those who may not have known your group existed.
  • By focusing on communication and content, you will keep people coming back for more and create a closer relationship with your members.

Whether you just started to find your tribe or you’re taking over an existing page, growing your Facebook group is likely top priority. The more members you have, the more visibility, interaction, and ultimately a larger amount of the 2 million Facebook user base.

While there are dozens of tips and tricks you can implement to grow your Facebook group, they all tend to fall in one of these five main categories. Check out how focusing a little energy in each of these areas can help your group grow and mature much faster.

Spread Your Links

One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your Facebook group is to share the link to your group. Ideally, you want this link everywhere. If you have a personal Facebook page, share it there. If you’re a member of other Facebook groups that allow promotion, share the link with those audiences. Everywhere you can spread your Facebook group’s link, especially on Facebook, will help.

One place to definitely not forget your Facebook group link is in the official website or blog for the group. On that blog or website, add your Facebook group link to the menu, all over the website, the sidebar, anywhere you can. You might consider also having your Facebook group in your official email’s signature.

Basically, a good rule of thumb is to include your Facebook group’s link anywhere and everywhere you can. It will get the word out to more people who wouldn’t have seen it who might be interested. You never know! You might find that one person that’s been searching for exactly what your group is offering.

Reach New Audiences With New Media Formats

Just because you’re focusing on growing your Facebook group doesn’t mean you should slack on the other forms of media out there. YouTube, for instance, can be a great way to share your Facebook group with the world. If you make a YouTube channel that pairs with your Facebook group, you can snag the attention of those YouTube bingers who wouldn’t have even thought to turn to Facebook groups for their niche interest.

Along with the video format you can use, consider getting an official TikTok account for your Facebook group or utilizing live streaming in some way. As the new kid on the block when it comes to media, this is where you will reach a younger audience.

If you don’t already have one, try playing around with a podcast. There are literally thousands of podcasts out there for all kinds of interests and if you can break into the listener base you’re looking for, you can quickly have them clamoring over to Facebook to join your group.

Use Social Media

Many of these suggestions involve other social media avenues. That’s a huge part of growing your Facebook group: connecting your group through all social media channels to capture the attention of as many people as possible. Tweet, pin, and post on all the channels, always including a link back to your Facebook group, and you’ll find yourself with a growing membership.

As well as getting your group involved on all social media channels, you shouldn’t discount the impact of a targeted Facebook ad. While this can cost you a little money, it can quickly find exactly the people who would most likely be interested in your group without you having to do any work.

Communication Is Key

This might seem like an obvious suggestion but communicating is essential to the growth of your group. This doesn’t mean just interacting on the Facebook group page alone, though that’s still an important aspect of it. There are many ways you can reach out and communicate with your members. For example, consider a mass message on Facebook, though be sure to not be spamming potential new members.

Another tool at your disposal are the members themselves. Communicate with them your desire to grow the group and ask for the help of your biggest fans: the members themselves. Encourage them to invite people to the group and to share the link wherever they can. It will help get your Facebook group in front of far more people.

Never Forget Your Content

Above all, you need great content for your Facebook group to continue to grow. Without valuable content, both from yourself and from the members, people won’t be incentivized to stick around. The better your content and the stronger your theme, the more likely you are to retain the members you have and find new members to welcome into the fold.

A final note, don’t forget to offer freebies. Everyone loves free things and simply giving them guides to identifying their favorite plant or a simple history of those antique tin toys your group loves so much can go a long way. Offer free advice, worksheets, seminars, whatever you can. Your members will love it, share it, and bring their friends in for more.


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