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5 Popular Logo Design Types for 2020

  • Logos have a few new aspects this year.
  • Some major trends are the same.
  • Expression and storytelling are taking a center stage for many brands.

Those in design who love big headlines avidly watch the newsreels every year hoping for something groundbreaking. For the last few years, they haven’t gotten it. The graphic design trends have consistently leaned toward minimalist logos.

The simplification comes on the heels of a mobile revolution. Every logo is being remastered to look good at any scale, it seems. Brands like Mastercard, Facebook, and Warner Bros have lead the way on the road to minimalist redesign at big brands.

Minimalism isn’t going away anytime soon. Here are the other big things in logo design for 2020.

Simplicity Rules

You thought we were going to surprise you! Well, if there’s any surprise, it’s just how minimalist the logos have gotten. Mastercard dropped the word from its logo totally, as an example.

While this trend comes with good reason, such as tons of ads per screen and general visual overwhelm, some people probably thought it would have reversed itself by now. Not so. Brands are enjoying the look, and so are consumers.

While not everyone approves, the minimalist look is easy on the eyes and appears to be sticking for now.

Storytelling and the Truth

Ah, the truth. Everyone wants the truth. The truth is that some logos have gotten too bland for a few top designers, and they aren’t all shy about commenting.

This year, brands are expected to differentiate visually. Simple shouldn’t mean vague or impersonal for the modern consumer. They want an authentic vibe and a great story behind the brand.

That sure is a lot to pack into a logo! But the other truth is that people are looking at a lot of logos. They are absorbing branding everywhere. It’s time for a great story to keep everyone interested. A polished look isn’t enough to capture an audience anymore.

A Bit of Whimsy

Mailchimp’s logo is a great example of leadership in this trend. The sense of playfulness is a new direction for brands large and small. Playing around a bit is a way to differentiate. Some brands are going extra bright, while others are working an edge so sharp that it borders on impolite.

These brands know the value of conversation, and they’re willing to earn it with their rhetoric.

Being interesting to talk to pays off for brands that need high engagement on the internet, so this strategy should get some interesting results for companies that take that value to heart.

For Luxury Brands, Streamlined Typography

In contrast to the cheekier response of certain brands, luxury brands are responding to the problem of personality in simple logos with uber-clean typography.

Brands like Celine are showcasing designs that scream elegance without coming across as stuffy.

These geometric logos are bold and scale well, much like their colorful counterparts.

They are a take on the modern curatorial lifestyle of the upscale customer. These logos introduce a bit of abstraction into people’s lives.


In response to the widespread use of emojis, people are utilizing mascots in their logos. The deep need for human expression hasn’t been lost on the internet, and characters will fill in where human faces are unable to share what people need to share.

Android has a well-known mascot that is both friendly and approachable. It exudes technological expertise without coming across as cold or nerdy.

Where Will Logos Go From Here?

Some top design executives believe that logo design is due for new development. The feeling is that things have been stagnant for the last decade or so. Not everyone is on board with the sans-serif trend, partially because it feels like brands are obligated to follow it.

Things like serifs, borders, and unique lettering talk a lot about personality and aesthetic values. For a company, sharing these things with your customers can be invaluable. It’s necessary to give a little bit more than the current logos give at times, but there just hasn’t been a lot of development.

It’s hard to say whether that is due to so many design requirements that stem from new screens and readability issues or something else, but the idea that logos can be a bit different is sure to rebound at some point. The value of a truly unique logo has largely been ignored by the internet so far, but it probably won’t be for long.


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