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6 Tips For Businesses To Reduce Their Ecological Footprint

The world is becoming more Eco-conscious by the day. Climate scientists have reported chaos in the coming years if the entire planet, both individuals and large and small businesses, don’t start to conserve their resources and help curb the rise and devastation of global warming.

The good news is that there are many ways to participate in this conservation without breaking the bank of interfering with work-related activities. Your businesses should be practicing everything on this list to join into the eco-friendly movement and help keep the planet healthy and spinning for future generations. Here are six key practices to participate in for your business.

  • Learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Cut down on your fuel use
  • Go paperless

Live By The Three Rs

In the last few years, the three Rs have become an essential point of learning, for both kids and adults alike. They’re taught from a young age and elaborated upon several times throughout the course of modern education, at all levels of learning. Of course, the three Rs are reduce, reuse, and recycle, and they’re importance cannot be overstated in terms of conserving resources and keeping green practices.

Reducing waste, reusing all possible reusable material, and recycling materials your company will no longer use are all vital to reducing your footprint. These practices don’t cost your company anything extra and can be done on a daily basis.

Turn To Eco-Friendly Appliances

One of the largest sources of energy consumption today comes from the power grids used to provide electricity to offices in downtown areas around the globe. Most don’t realize just how much power office buildings take but there’s an easy fix to vastly reduce the amount of electricity used by these areas. Eco-friendly appliances have been popular for years now and represent a substantial leap forward in terms of conserving energy and reducing waste.

These appliances are usually just as powerful as the less efficient appliances they’re replacing and come with the extra benefit of reducing your company’s utility bill in the process. There are several appliances many offices have in their kitchen which can be replaced with more efficient variants, such as microwaves and refrigerators.

Pay Attention To Your Shipping Considerations

Many businesses must deliver products and services around the country. What many don’t realize, however, is that these goods can be shipped in a more fuel-efficient way by bypassing air transport and focusing instead on purely grounded transportation.

Planes are usually far less fuel efficient than trucks and even trains, meaning they contribute a proportionally large amount of waste into the atmosphere. Companies can also stand to lighten the loads which they transport, which would also lower usages of fuel. This measure would also save money in the long run, as more weight per transport leads to higher costs.

Cut Down On Travel

Your goods aren’t the only thing which are transported across the country at a high rate. Many businesses today send their employees all over the country in order to facilitate business transactions in a personal and face to face manner. This way of doing business has serious consequences on the environment, however, as every trip your employees take add to the amount of pollution in the atmosphere and erodes the health of the Earth further.

Employees also produce a surprisingly large amount of pollution when they drive to and from work. You can encourage employees to cut down on their footprint by taking public transportation to work or car pulling together, both of which will usually save money in the long run.

Turn Everything Off And Conserve Heat

There are many ways to conserve electricity within the workplace. First, you can use power strips, plugging everything into one strip. This conserves a good amount of energy and frees up outlets all over the office. You can also turn off the electricity in your office when no one is using the building.

Additionally, you can turn down the heat during all months of the year within your office. Office attire is usually stuffy and formal, so your employees probably won’t mind turning down the thermostat two or three degrees. This conservation of heat goes a long way in conserving energy and making your building run more efficiently.

Cut Down On Paper And Track Results

The final thing your company should absolutely be doing is going paperless, at least to as great an extent as possible. Excess paper use directly contributes to the decimation of several forests and natural ecosystems all over the world, driving up global heat and driving down oxygen levels across the world. By pledging to use less paper, your company can help stop the deforestation of the globe and save money and energy in the process.

Paperless businesses are often more efficient and have an easy time finding what they need on their laptops and cloud operations. Finally, you should track the results of your conservation efforts and assess if there are any more opportunities to conserve. Any measure helps and future generations will be eternally grateful for your contribution.


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