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6 Tips to Become an Amazing Copywriter

Copywriting isn’t just writing copy — it’s leveraging the power of words to convince someone to make a purchase. That means you have to be persuasive, authoritative, detailed, and yet direct and to-the-point. Because copywriting has to strike this delicate balance, it takes practice to become an expert copywriter. You also might need to rethink your approach to writing. Here are some tips that will help improve your craft and make you an amazing copywriter.

1. Get Active

For some reason, even though we speak in active voice, many writers feel compelled to write in passive voice. Some people think it sounds smarter or more formal. While passive voice is appropriate in some contexts, your copy should usually be in active voice. This helps your reader process what you’re saying and feel like you’re talking to them.

2. Break It Up

Long sentences are unwieldy in the world of copywriting. While conventions vary by platform, it’s a good rule to add a paragraph break every few sentences. In short-form content such as Facebook ads, you can even put each sentence on its own line. Aim to have lots of white space around your content.

3. Trim It Down

Reduce wordiness, and avoid using longer words that have a short alternative. Constructions such as “in order to” or “be utilized for” are clunky and off-putting. Keep it simple so that your reader doesn’t have to work hard to get your message. Remember: The quicker they understand you, the easier it is to sell to them.

4. Drive Action

Always aim to use the imperative mood. Whenever possible, have your sentences (like this one!) give the reader something to do. The goal of copywriting is to be persuasive, and the key to persuading someone is to give them a clear action to take.

5. Have a Conversation

Copy that seems “sales-y” isn’t as effective as copy that seems conversational. Your reader has a problem they’re trying to solve; your copy is your way to offer them a solution. When you’re copywriting, imagine that you’re discussing this problem with a customer. You’ll likely produce more engaging, informative copy than if you simply focus on selling.

6. Provide a Vision

Even if they’re reading conversational, direct copy, many consumers are inundated with messages throughout their day. Amazing copywriters produce copy that cuts through the noise. Consumers want to envision a better life for themselves; it’s up to copywriters to provide that vision. By painting a compelling picture for your reader, you can easily convince them to make a purchase.

By following these tips, you will elevate your copywriting to the next level. Part of becoming a great copywriter is “unlearning” the writing style you learned in school. Don’t worry about filling up pages or trying to sound smart: Be accessible, relatable, and conversational, and your copy will become something that your target audience enjoys reading. And that’s the most important step toward driving sales.


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