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7 Tips On How To Boost Your Productivity During The Winter Months

Are you feeling the doldrums setting in as the days are shorter and the weather is chillier? Well, fear no more, as these 7 winter tips can be used to help keep you feeling efficient, motivated, and wonderfully productive. Life doesn’t always give you the opportunity to hibernate, and it’s important to be creative even when you would rather lounge around the house or cozy up with a warm blanket on the couch all day.

So what offers you the passion to get up and go when hitting the snooze button on cold mornings seems far more desirable? First off, make a to-do list and fill it with all the things staring you in the face. Then select three main tasks to accomplish for the day, and work on reaching those goals before you tackle the rest.

Having more concrete goals will help you prioritize and prevent you from being overwhelmed. Plus, a long list of tasks can seem intimidating, but parsing out a set of three items at a time is way more doable. In this article, the following are covered:

  • Action steps to take to be more productive
  • Why establishing goals makes sense
  • How year-round motivation will be a boon to your overall well-being

Action Steps To Take To Be More Productive

Start Off With A Healthy Breakfast

If you skip breakfast, chances are you will dwindle at some point in the day. Your attention will be on your stomach and hunger pangs rather than on the task at hand, and you won’t have the energy that you need to get stuff done. Plan to start off with a healthy breakfast and eat regular meals or satisfying snacks throughout the day to maintain a proper energy level for everything you choose to accomplish.

Plan Some Movement

Aside from house cleaning or other physical chores and activities, sitting at a desk all day can kill your energy level. If your body is, even momentarily, dynamic, then chances are positive that your work will be more dynamic as well.

Have A Chat With Your Friends About Work

I schedule at least one close friend phone call each day. Whether we start with random chit chat and progress to work topics, there’s a great deal to be gained from having a connection with others over professional problems, joys, and goals. Everyone needs some soul sister or brother encouragement, support, and new ideas from time to time.


In case you’re wondering if too much multitasking pulls you away from focusing properly on the tasks at-hand, think again. There are some activities that can actually make you more productive just by keeping your hands and mind simultaneously busy. For example, fold laundry while doing something more enjoyable, like watching TV or listening to music. Or wash dishes while you chat with your best friend on the phone. These types of multitasking are best when neither task requires a lot of attention, so for the low-attention goals, why not make them more fun?

Establish A Routine

By keeping things regular, such as your bedtime, wake-up time, and work hours, you will greatly improve your productivity. If your routine varies too much, you waste time constantly adjusting to change. Some variation throughout the day is good, but too much just shocks the system.

Reward Yourself

There’s nothing more rewarding than having something to look forward to. If a task or responsibility is absolutely despised, plan a night out with friends or treat yourself to a deliciously decadent cup of coffee and dessert. These self-care rewards can make all the difference in getting you motivated to be more productive.

Stop And Hydrate

When you’re on a roll with your list of things to accomplish it’s easy to avoid drinking water or hydrating beverages because you’re in such a groove and don’t want to stop. Yet after a while, if you aren’t hydrated, sluggishness sets in and potential headaches ensue. Keep a bottle of water nearby or make a point to take five minutes each hour to get up, walk around, and drink a glass of water or a refreshing beverage that replenishes your dehydration.

Why Establishing Goals Makes Sense

Whenever the days get shorter and the holidays are upon you, activating an intention list will bring you one step closer to manifestation. Writing down your goals for the day, week, month, or year gives your mind a chance to process what it is you need and allows for your heart to follow. It’s not necessarily a winter thing, but since the colder months elicit more laziness and resistance to movement, why not establish a practice of goal-setting and getting it done? It just makes sense overall.

How Year-Round Motivation Will Be A Boon To Your Overall Well-Being

As mentioned before, it’s not solely winter that brings on the lack of productivity, although it’s more of a contributor, but the actual act of rebelliousness and refusal to accomplish anything throughout the year. Waiting for your ship to come in can only happen when you plan, organize, and take the necessary steps. Your overall well-being will appreciate the boost and your tasks will get done.

The Takeaway

As with any task during the colder winter months, the beginning is often the hardest part, particularly if it’s difficult or loathsome. So muster your resolve, take a deep breath, and just do it. Even if your first efforts aren’t successful, keep at it. Try not to judge your efforts and please don’t get frustrated.

Just jump in, knowing you can always course correct your work or start again later. Remember that the hardest part will already be behind you.


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