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8 Google Font Combinations That Can Change Your Message from Good to Great

Has your market appeal taken a nosedive based on the readability of your words? Believe it or not, but the fonts you choose prior to publication are one of the most sought after credibility searches that engages your audience.

We are visual human beings who thrive on observation and sensation to enliven our minds and wake up our hearts. When you’re creating content for blogs and marketing appeal, the initial draw is the type of letters and what message it’s trying to convey.

Font combinations for your audience engagement has to add value and be in alignment with your story during a Google search. What the eye catches is what matters to believability and quality of intent. Your purpose for writing relies on which fonts you elicit and how they weave into your blog.

Here are 8 exciting and beautiful Google Font combinations that will leave your readers with a wow factor:

Merriweather and Montserrat

Web designers lean towards Montserrat for its versatility and up-front nature. Paired with Merriweather, you’ve added extra style and readability.

PT Sans and PT Sans Narrow

Regarded as one of the best Google font combinations, PT Sans and PT Sans Narrow offer an instant attraction. Once you’re lured into the content, you’ll see how this pairing is the latest trend used across the writing world.

Josefin Sans and Amatic SC

A font combination that needs to be used cautiously and with carefully, as its not for the faint of heart. Amatic SC isn’t recommended for the body text, however paired with Josefin Sans, the typography takes on a light and fun tone. Best used for artists and entertainers.

Roboto and Roboto Condensed

A versatile combo that is a favorite for bloggers and web designers. Modern and user-friendly, this pairing is oftentimes a go-to for start-up companies.

Alegreya and Lato

When used in separate instances, you’ll find that they each possess their own unique qualities. However, when created in a blog together the combination is absolutely fantastic. Lato is considered one of the most significant all-purpose Google Fonts.

Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display has an old-world charm to it, while Source Sans Pro is a more modern and futuristic typography. Together, it creates practicality and high engagement.

Oswald and EB Garamond

Oswald is excellent for your heading to stand out of the crowd. Combined with EB Garamond, which is the updated version of the Garamond font, every paragraph looks professional and unique. 

Raleway and Roboto Slab

Classic and clean, this font combination refines your blog typography and brings your content to the next level. These two together simply gel fabulously to give your words a magical touch.

When Google Fonts was released in 2010, life for a content creator began to shift dramatically. Being aware of each Google font combination for your blog purposes is through trial and error. Not every combination installed will be the right choice, therefore the customizing of your blog has to include the hassle-free execution onto web sites or your web pages. It must be a straightforward, professional reader-friendliness display of beauty.

Once a font heading grabs the eyeballs, it can add a unique appeal to the body context of the entire blog, promoting beautiful typography and character. 

Creating magic for your blog use on websites or web pages all boils down to the font combinations and whether your reader considers your words popular and classy. They will admire your blog even more when an elegant combination appears from the onset.

Clean and bold typography is everything to the reader, in both business and cultural trends. Font combinations offer a friendly and natural appeal, with a twist of curiosity to those whose attention you’ve gained. Boosting traffic to specific websites or blogs has to include the versatility of fonts coupled with the attributes of cleanliness.

Mixing and matching typography takes experimentation and planning. Once your reader is hooked, the next step is to secure the meeting in person or to receive accolades for your hard-earned work, or to simply be admired for how easy it is to read the content.

Stay on top of the trending market by choosing Google font combinations that send a message of your professionalism and the honesty of your words.


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