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8 Mascot Designs That Have Left An Impression

With competition more fierce than ever before in every industry and a need to stand out amongst the thousands of businesses offering the same services as yours, it’s more important than ever to make an impression. No longer are traditional design methods working to grab people’s attention and leave your business imprinted in their brain, designs are having to be far more creative than before. One of the more creative ways that businesses are beginning to market their brand is by using mascot designs. Establishing their brand with one or multiple mascots is a unique way to not only get consumer’s attention but to also get them interested in what you have to offer and to learn more about the company.

People will often remember a good design that catches their eye better than they will text and it will stick with them longer. Through mascots, you can display what you sell while creating something unique and memorable with your customers. Here are our top mascot designs that have left an impression!

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This is a great example of a mascot design. It’s simplistic and uses minimal color on a dark green background to stand out. This is similar to well-known college mascots and those that have left an impression. This mascot would appear well on apparel and branding material!

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This is an example of a bold and strong mascot design that stands out. There’s both light and dark green used in the logo, with the name boldly in the center. The mascot is front and center with the name boldly below it.

Image sourced here

This design is creative and unique, boldly presenting the logo at the front of the design. The logo is yellow, grey, orange, and white included. The name is underneath the design and has unique elements included.

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This is a mascot design with a personality! This creative mascot design shows a dog smiling and giving the peace out symbol. You can instantly tell that this is a mascot with an adorable personality that instantly has you fall in love with the brand!

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How adorable is this mascot? This mascot is sporting a bright pink jacket with the name displayed on the back of it! The logo is cute and classy as well!

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This design is merely the head of the dog, an Akita. It stands out on the white background, only using yellow, black, and white for the design in retro style. The logo is simple, classy, and an excellent example of a unique mascot design.

Image sourced here

This mascot shows a spider with a crown on it. The logo simply shows the yellow and brown colors on a neutral background. This mascot is certainly creative and unique, having personality and a signature look.

Image sourced here

This adorable mascot design shows a teddy bear wearing a pink sweatshirt on a blue background. There are only a few colors used in the design and it only has one simple element in it. The blue background stands out and the pink shirt is bold.


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