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A New Way to Code With Wix

Do you love to code and love to use templates? But do you wish that you could have more control over the final look and function?

Wix Code is a new developer tool with a JavaScript backend. It allows you to work with the existing templates without sticking to every feature. It’s been hand-designed here at Wix, so you can use it with confidence.

With a built-in IDE like Wix Code, developers can utilize their skills to create apps and custom solutions for their clients.

It’s a unique hybrid solution for those who love starting with templates and customizing them or adding apps. The quick upload time combined with the fact that it was designed in-house makes for the best of both worlds.

There’s a lot you can do with this tool. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it is serverless. It just takes a quick login to get going with your coding.

Beyond that, there is the exciting element of working with JavaScript right on the screen. The Wix editor has the tools to do this when you click through to developer tools. The screen will show your code, including JavaScript and snippets, and you can edit and test from there.

Pretty much everything you want to do you can do with this IDE, and it’s unique to the Wix site. That means faster loading of the program and no time wasted as you transfer files.

It’s easy to populate content, pages, and styles across multiple pages. The new IDE makes it easy to create larger, more complex websites than have ever been seen on Wix.

You also have access to a built-in database with this new IDE. If you’re familiar with JavaScript and know about the power of databases, you are sure to see the value in the new Wix Code.

Design is always changing, so it’s nice to be able to customize the tons of designs available on Wix. Many templates are a great place to start. But they could always use a little tweaking to make them unique for each customer!

For many, the look of the website is second to the actual function. They might love the look of the template they have, but need to add an app. Wix Code allows that to happen in a serverless environment.

For developers, this is a great chance to let their skills shine with a Wix website because now they can add to the backend. Whether you want to add apps, hovering, or the design of your forms, Wix has made it easy to see your code results.

If you’ve been waiting to sink your teeth into some design on the front or backend and have held off because of the Wix templates, this new feature is sure to entice you to bring your skills to the Wix platform.

Wix makes it easier than ever to share your creativity with your clients. This serverless option makes it faster than ever to execute code and share design iterations with your customers.


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