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Alternate Income Ideas for Video Editors

  • Use the skill sets that video editors already have
  • Educate others on personalized knowledge
  • Design and create unique final work product

The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught many people that sole reliance on one source of income is not sustainable for any household of any size. This holds for works in all career arenas, regardless as to how generous the salary is. All industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the video industry.

However, video editors, through the work performed and skills learned, are able to be flexible in what they can do in order to supplement income. Simply put, video editors are responsible for creating streamline or broadcast worthy final video product.

Using bare or raw recorded materials, the video editor adds the camera footage, sound effects and graphic effects to bring the mission of the video to life. Novice video editors can expect an average salary of $35,00-$40,000. As experience grows, video editor opportunities become more lucrative with salaries upwards of $80,000.

Video editors already possess certain skills that can be applied towards several other income streams. Such skill set includes: strong attention to detail, the ability to work in a team setting as well as independently, creativity, execution, flexibility, operation of various computer hardware and software platforms, and communication.

Listed below are several ideas of opportunities for video editors to explore in order to supplement their income.


Proofreading involves reviewing various marketing, educational, business, or otherwise informative pieces for spelling and grammar errors, as well as rewrite or rewording suggestions. Video editors can put their strong attention to detail to work in proofreading gigs. Proofreading is a recession proof arena because there will always be some sort of materials produced that need some level of review and quality control.


Whether it be for creative, marketing or educational purposes, video editors can explore writing as a source of supplemental income. Video editors can write e-books, guides, pamphlets, brochures, or other types of materials about video editing and the various procedures and best practices to master the skill. Writing allows video editors to let their creative juices flow and use their computer software program operation skills.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Career YouTube users have the potential to make millions of dollars. However, to reach that level of wealth, persistent content must be posted over a significant length of time. However, should video editors decide to start their own YouTube channel, they can expect to earn $3-$5 for each 100 video views.

While video editing can certainly be the focus of many videos, the video editor can choose from a variety of topics or questions that the viewers hold. Providing a variety of video resources can help boost views and therefore, put more money in the pocket of the video editor.

Teach Video Editing

This is a great opportunity for experienced video editors to give back to novice and beginner video editors and resources. This can be in the form of hosting Q & A sessions and workshops on YouTube or other online platform, or by writing articles for various websites.

The teaching material can cover a wide range of topics within video editing, including tricks and hacks, how to master techniques, and how to organize workflow for optimal results. Depending frequency, as well as the word count on articles or length of time the Q & A session or workshop lasts, video editors can earn hundreds of dollars for consistent work.

Graphic Design

Video editors who are particularly skilled in developing creative movie graphics can explore creating graphics for companies or entrepreneurs seeking assistance with creating marketing materials such as posters and flyers. The distinction between the work product of graphic logo designers and video editors is in the image type.

Graphic logo designers create vector images through programs such as Adobe Illustrator to create a brand or business logo design. but other types of raster based designs for business and web projects might be something a video editor can pick up as a freelancer as well. Because some video editors are trained to create bitmap images by way of Photoshop or Gimp, it means at least some marketing materials can be created in formats the video editor is comfortable managing and operating.

Social Media Management or Curator

With company office and call center buildings opened at minimal capacity or completely closed, it can be difficult for customers to reach the company to get assistance or service.

These companies, therefore, seek out social managers or curator to help tend to every comment of concern or complaint that is posted on the company social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Video editors can not only find creative yet informative ways to answer questions, but as mentioned in the previous section, also develop infographics to provide customer service.

Final Thoughts

This uncertain nature of the COVID-19 global pandemic is an opportunity for video editors to create additional avenues of financial security. Rather than putting forth effort, money, and time to learn new skills, utilize the skill set already possessed and monetize them.


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