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Best Logo Makers

A logo maker or logo generator is a cheap, effective option for getting your branding off the ground in a jiffy. While a logo from a logo maker could never replace the endless hours and expertise of a design agency, it will work for the short run!

A Quick Turnaround

A great thing about these logos is that they get you started nearly right away. If you can stick to the design for a few hours, you can get a logo! When you’ve used it for a while and know more about what you want, you’ll have some time behind your thoughts and ideas for a custom logo.

Multiple Options

There are tons of logo makers out there. Most of them, with a few variations, will give you some font or text options with basic shapes and a few pre-made icons. These basics will get you a good logo without too much investment.

Logos from a maker or generator may have some things in common with other designs out there. So, consider these logos a good starting point on your way to a custom logo while you figure out what works for you.

These are considered the top logo makers online. In the easy-to-use category:

  • Brandmark
  • Designhill
  • Namecheap
  • Ucraft
  • Logoster
  • Canva
  • hatchful
  • Placeit
  • Free logo design
  • Graphicsprings
  • Looka

In the medium ease-of-use category: ● TailorBrands

In the difficult category: ● Logomakr

The best results come from TailorBrands, LogoMakr, Looka, Brandmark, Designhill, Namecheap, and Ucraft. Good results can come from more flexibility on the part of the logo-making software, but they can also come from good usability qualities on the part of the web application.

Time Investment in Logos

Some of these logo makers have a lot more options than others, but likely making the logo takes a bit more time to use in those cases.

Give each one a quick look before you try. You might feel up to working with a more flexible software, but then again too many options might seem overwhelming at first. Give yourself a good couple of hours to work on the project in order to give the software a fair chance.

Love Your Fonts, Love Your Results

Another pro tip is to scan the fonts in each logo maker prior to use. Compare between logo makers to get a good look at the styles involved. Font tends to dictate other areas of design when it comes to graphics. When you find a font you love, it’s a good idea to work with that logo maker.

All in all, logo makers each have a unique offering. There are tons of styles within graphic design. Even though at a passing glance the logo generators may seem comparable, they are all unique. Take some time to decide what you want stylistically before you choose a logo maker. Get sketches together to decide how much customization you need and what font styles might work for you. Don’t be afraid to work with a more difficult app if they have something you really love that works with your ideas, because people tend to continually tweak their logos until they get them right anyways. It’s better if you know you will love the end result.


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