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Boosting Your Email Newsletter Open Rate

  • Your email newsletter open rate boosts your business’s success.
  • Know your email newsletter open rate and work to improve it.
  • Cater to your audience through good email timing and enticing subject lines.

You put a lot of work in to your email newsletters. An open newsletter excites the customer about what you have to offer and what’s to come. An unopened newsletter sits in an inbox or makes it way to the trash. What can you do about it? You can have a significant impact on your email newsletter open rate by employing successful practices.

Open Rate Impact

Why is your email open rate important? When you engage your readers with content, they become loyal to you. They want to hear what you say. They want to buy what you have to offer. You can lead customers to your website, your social media sites, or a sales landing page. With the majority of people using email, you want to find ways to get them to open up that email newsletter. If you’re monitor your metrics and are aware of your open rate, that’s great. You’re ahead of the game. If you aren’t aware of your metrics, learn how to get it through your email marketing software, or, if someone handles emails for you, ask them to report on the open rate and other measurements that the software provides. Find out what a good email newsletter open rate would be in your field. Takes these numbers seriously and find ways to improve on them. They can make a difference in the success of your business.

Cater to Your Audience

When writing an email newsletter, imagine your target audience sitting with their laptops and tablets, perusing their email inbox. What do you offer that makes your audience members want to open that newsletter?

Email Newsletter Timing

Sometimes, people will or won’t open emails because they’re distracted, too busy, or not ready for the information. You wouldn’t want to send a newsletter focused on Christmas gift ideas in February. Also, think about your audience and what type of online browsing schedule they’re like to have. In other words, what time is most likely to catch your audience online? Learning the customers’ habits will help you figure out good email newsletter timing, improving your chances of getting those emails opened.

Enticing Your Customer

When your customers see that you sent an email, what can you do and say that would get their attention and compel them to open it? First, they’ll notice who sent the email and read the subject line. If you’ve built a good rapport, just your name could create enough interest to open the newsletter. For some customers, they’ll want to know if your content is worth their time. If you use a great subject line, you can hook them and pull them in. Make it enticing and promise to deliver something they can’t miss. Make it personal, if you can, so they think this email was sent especially for them.

Investing in the Payoff

When you know your email newsletter open rate and work to improve it through good timing and enticing subject lines, review your metrics regularly to see if your strategy is working to increase your email marketing open rate. If it’s not, dive into the process again and try new approaches until you see a positive change. The impact the email marketing open rate can have on your business should make your invested time pay off.


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