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Branding Basics for Startups and New Businesses

  • Branding is essential for new businesses.
  • The definition of a brand varies.
  • Authenticity is key for businesses in the digital age.

Branding can do so much to grow a customer base from scratch. New businesses face many challenges, and being known for who they are is one of them. Businesses have to stand out as unique in order to compete.

Branding isn’t necessarily what makes a brand unique, but it can show off some character. Ultimately, the way a business does things is what makes it unique.

Here are some of the things startups should know about branding.

What Is Branding?

The definition of branding differs among experts. There are a lot of definitions. Essentially, your brand is the way your business is perceived by others. But there’s a lot that goes into it. As far as the elements of a brand go, a brand bucket might include colors, fonts, element pairings, photography style guidelines, and tone instructions.

There can be even more in a brand bucket, but that’s usually the basic list.

Does Branding Matter for a New Business?

Absolutely, and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

Branding is one of the ways people recognize your business. And every entrepreneur knows that they need to be recognized. Visibility is a key issue for new businesses.

One of the key ways customers experience a brand these days is through social media. If you are a new business, you need to leverage social media. It’s imperative that you take a brand-conscious approach to social media management.

People need to know who you are behind that logo!

Brands Are Built

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Brands take time to build. Your social media management, a thoughtful and unique logo, and excellent media kits are major aspects of building a brand.

The key is consistency over time. A great brand can take several years to build completely.

Strategy Matters

Brand strategy is all about how you will connect with your customers. It’s worth meeting with a branding strategist when you approach the construction of your contact information, press kits, website, social media, and all the other things customers see.

It takes a lot of strategy to create an impactful brand. The results of years spent touching up logos and perfecting social media strategy are amazing. Plan carefully, and have the courage to see your brand vision through!

Brand Voice and Identity Are Essential

Brand voice and identity go hand in hand. A voice for a business can be many different things, from cheeky to ultra-sophisticated. The important thing is that your voice makes an impression and is authentic.

Your voice should recognize your company’s roots, values, and who the ideal customer is. The identity is all about who you are in relationship to your customer.

Start with a buyer persona and work off the information you have about your market. Get to know who you are working with. Are your engineer customers the geniuses of the lot? Are you selling amazing closet solutions to wealthy women of a certain age?

Find out what you can about your customer, which isn’t always a lot for a startup. Refine your voice and brand identity as you go along. It’s not a one-shot deal.

Brand Promises Are Essential

When people buy from a brand, they are putting trust in the performance of the product or the value of the service. Be a brand that makes relevant promises. Maybe your jeans will last for years. Maybe you use ethical practices, or don’t test on animals.

Keep these promises, because your identity and reputation depend on it. Extend your brand promise all the way to your customer service team, and train them well in your style and values.

Keeping your brand promises is one of the best ways to get referrals.

Always Be You

Authenticity is crucial for all businesses, but in today’s competitive online space, it can make or break a new business. Businesses must follow through on their promises to connect with customers. Promote a culture of authenticity in your company so that it always stands out as a value to your clients.

This is one of the ways for brands to gain a competitive edge, so build your brand identity carefully and stay true to yourself! Your customers notice, even if they don’t say anything. Your customers have a strong desire to connect and experience your brand on a human level.

Make sure that you reach out to your ideal customer first, and foster that relationship through authentic interaction!


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