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Common Mistakes Your Development Teams Could Make

●  Development mistakes can come from inexperience.

●  Lack of concern is another cause.

●  Common mistakes can cost you in SEO.

Developing your website or app isn’t easy. It’s a large and often long endeavor. But it should be a fairly seamless process once you sit down with a developer. If you have a development team and are still experiencing slow loading or other issues with your website, you might have a rookie on your hands. Here are a few mistakes that development teams might make. If these things become a regular problem, look for a better team.

Messy Code

Code should have clear syntax and hierarchy. A computer is reading it, so it has to be as short as possible. Otherwise, you will have long runtimes as your site loads. People who are new will often struggle with messy code. But some people don’t care about your project as much as they should. It’s a hard truth to hear! But know this: messy code isn’t the standard. Messy code means someone should have written it better.

People at the most competitive companies don’t have messy code. It’s, well, messy. It means that any development down the road will be much harder. Debugging is more difficult. Everything runs slower. And there are more errors.

Missed Deadlines

Missing deadlines is simply unprofessional. It may be that your coder isn’t experienced enough for the project if things are constantly late. When deadlines are missed, it shows poor judgement. People may have too much on their plate. Or they may not be working hard enough. Either way, that is not the client’s problem. People have to put the client first and foremost. You should find either a larger or more experienced team if your deadlines are constantly whizzing by.


There’s a lot that goes into website security. If your developers aren’t putting your internet security first, they shouldn’t work on the project.

Security issues take some experience and manpower. Don’t be afraid to say so if you think you’ve made a mistake in hiring a junior developer. And again, choose a larger team if you suspect that people are causing security issues by recycling code.

Browser Choice

Some developers simply will not work across browsers. But they need to. Don’t let anyone talk you out of browser compatibility for your website. It’s essential for reaching customers.

Service Matters

Most of all, choose a developer or agency that puts you first. All people have their own preferences. But a client’s project should reflect their own buying choices first and foremost.

It can be tough to get great service at busy agencies. You can shop around for individual developers or smaller agencies if you don’t feel that the service is up to par.

Remember that you won’t be able to serve your customers as well if your developer doesn’t deliver good service. In order to be responsive, you need a responsive team.

Choose a team that listens to what you really want. Don’t be swayed by people who are unsure of deadlines or don’t seem to understand what you are saying. Your project is all about you!


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