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Copywriting: More Important Than You Would Think

  • Why good copywriting is so important
  • How copywriting can make or break a business
  • How to use copywriting in branding and advertising to the best advantage

Humans have been processing information through words since the dawn of time and are likely to continue doing so forever. Words have the power of evoking any kind of feeling or association in us, from joy to disgust to annoyance and everything in between. Words are important – and the power of good copywriting in branding, advertising, and business is no exception.

Copywriting is a crucial element

No business, brand, or industry can exist without copywriting. From website content to brand statements and from newsletters to advertising, everything is based on the written word. But simply slapping some words together is not enough – one must do it right to convey the right message, in the right tone, to the right customer.

Be accurate and straightforward

The tone of the written message may be crisp and official or funny, soft, and warm, but the information it conveys must be straightforward and accurate. This is the basis of good copywriting. In business, a simple, effective message that gives real honest information is preferable to fluff that is entertaining but not very clear.

Sometimes, less is more

Many times, a good, strong one-liner – also known as microcopy – accompanied by a spot-on visual message can be a lot more powerful in capturing a customer’s interest than the wittiest cleverly written passage. Once you’ve got a person’s attention, you can talk more about your brand or product, but that first element of getting to them must be there – and in today’s age of increasingly competitive market and shrinking attention spans, it’s quite a challenge.

The same applies to a powerful tagline of a brand or product. A clever business owner will spend the necessary time getting the tagline of their brand or product just right because they know that a short punch line is what stays with the customer.

Naturally, every brand has many things it could convey – but to begin with, focus on the core, on the one message at the heart of your brand, that is most important to get through to the target audience.

In tone of voice, consistency is key

Your brand is, essentially, your target customer’s perception of you, and you want to get it right. Words that work in a brand that caters to families with children will sound false and jarring if applied to a brand that targets business executives. Think about what your product is, who your ideal customer is, and how you would like them to perceive you. What do you want to be to them? Official and authoritative, warm and neighborly, funny and playful?

Then, once you choose your voice, stick to it. Remain consistent in web content, product taglines, ads, newsletters, social media, and any bit of copy that is targeted at your customers.

People stay loyal to brands because they know what they can expect, and copywriting plays a key role in that. You are aiming for your audience to get such a strong feel of your voice that they recognize it even before the brand name is mentioned.

A different voice in a world of sameness

Predictably, new brands opt for playing it safe, choosing a voice that is professional, friendly, or helpful. It takes courage to choose a tone that is, for example, sarcastic or ironic, but this might be just the thing that helps your brand stand out in an ocean of competition. Naturally, this won’t work for every product, and it would take some clever branding strategy and excellent copywriting to make it a viable option.

A different, slightly edgy voice might also be something companies try while rebranding. If a business is working to break out of an image that may be too generic, changing the voice they use in copywriting is a key element.

Above all, respect your audience

Be careful not to use a message or tone of voice that may appear patronizing, condescending, or otherwise less than appreciative of your target audience’s intelligence. Again, this depends on the brand’s intended customer. What is appropriate when targeting the customers of a pet store will not work for executives, lawyers, or health care providers.

Clear, compelling, targeted copywriting will help you create the right voice and identity for your brand, one that will connect you with your audience and give you a chance to rise above the competition. Invest in it to tap into your brand’s maximum potential.


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