Custom Illustration Service & Time Estimates

Want to know when and how you’ll receive your custom illustrations? We can help! Read on to see how we complete every custom illustration request in record time.

General Estimates

Our illustration turnaround times at a glance:

  • We measure illustration projects in parts — dividing the project up into manageable chunks for your professional illustration artists to power through daily. This ensures fast illustration services and that your creatives deliver high-quality, bespoke illustration designs consistent with your branding every time.  
  • You’ll receive daily updates on all your Flocksy projects, so you’ll always be in the loop
  • Unlimited edits mean it’s easy to quickly get  high-quality custom art, and revisions don’t hold up any progress on other projects in your queue

Our illustration team can create beautiful illustrations for marketing in many different styles to suit all brands. Depending on the request, most illustrations are typically delivered in one to three parts. Your Flocksy illustrator will always provide daily updates on your illustrations, so you’ll never be in the dark about their progress along the way. The best part? All creative illustration services come with previews, so you can see the progression of the illustration firsthand and make sure it’s on track. Even after your illustration is completed, you’re able to make unlimited edits to make sure it’s perfect.

How To Start A Custom Illustration Project

Illustrator at desk

Request Your Project

Flocksy’s talented illustrators are eager to bring your vision to life. It doesn’t matter if you have loads of references or if you’re not sure what the final design should look like! Give us some details and we’ll work up some concepts. Our illustration team can deliver everything you need from storybook illustrations to custom brand illustrations for merch or social media!

Review The Proof

Your illustrator will send you a concept or draft for your approval before beginning the more complex aspects. Feel free to request revisions! Our rapid turnaround times ensure you’ll always be impressed, regardless of whether you make some changes along the way or not.

Enjoy Your Custom Illustration On Demand

Once you’ve signed off on the design, your custom illustration is yours to do with as you please! All files will be sent to you in whichever formats are needed— SVG, JPG, PDF, or AI to name a few. Flocksy is your source of efficient illustration turnarounds and high-quality custom art, whenever you need them.

**Note: the more complex the request, the longer the final deliverables can take to complete. Any turnaround times provided are only estimates as project timelines can change based on specific requirements and details required for your illustration.


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Custom Illustration Service & Time Estimates

Our illustration team can create beautiful illustrations for marketing in many different styles to suit all brands. Depending on the…