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Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Website’s Copy

It’s a problem encountered throughout the internet. Copy that doesn’t engage, doesn’t excite, doesn’t encourage visitors to do more than click and leave. How many products and services are out there that are being underused because a website doesn’t adequately convey how amazing it is?

Well your website doesn’t have to be one of those. By using anyone, or even two or three, of these strategies, you can have website copy that ​does​ engage, that ​does​ excite, that ​does encourage your website visitors to become clients.

  1. Question everything. Or rather, just ask your visitors a question. There’s a reason that so much of the click bait you see on social media starts with a question: it draws readers in. It forces them to engage because it’s human nature to answer questions. Questions should be short and sweet so they’re easy to digest. Questions should make your visitors think they’re maybe missing out on something that could solve a problem for them. “Are you listening to your customers?” “Is your sales funnel too leaky?” “How engaging is your website copy?”
  2. Metaphors go the extra mile. Metaphors are an easy way to connect with your customers. They can make technical concepts more relatable. They encourage your customers to think about your business in more colorful terms. They can catch readers off guard with surprising word pictures, that are even more powerful when backed up by graphics. “Fresh baked forms for your website.” “Get notified when the scales of love tip in your favor.” These are examples of creative use of metaphor that engages with your readers.
  3. Reassure them that it’s easy. People don’t want to do things that are hard, unless there’s a big payoff. You know what they want to do? Something that’s easy and also will have a payoff, especially if it’s something that has traditionally been seen as hard or overcomplicated. By making something easy, and then telling your visitors that, will intrigue them and make them want to know more. You do need to make sure that it’s ​actually​ easy because it’s close to impossible to win back a visitor that thinks you tricked them.
  4. Let your confidence show. You know your offering is amazing. Don’t be afraid to tell your clients just how amazing it actually is. Humility is overrated in website copy. There are a thousand other websites offering a similar product or service. What makes your’s different? Why should they choose you? Hyperbole, in small doses, isn’t uncalled for when you talk about your business. If you don’t think it’s the best option in the world, who will? Keep it short and simple if you choose to go this route. There is a point where you can overdo it.
  5. Be funny or clever. Clever comparisons, fun word play, gentle sarcasm, or tongue-in-cheek statements can all endear you to your visitors and make them want to keep reading. This is one of the trickier things to do well. It’s a level two or three strategy for spicing up your website content. When it works, it’s one of the most effective ways to capture attention. When it doesn’t work, it can be a real turn-off for visitors. If you choose to use this strategy, make sure to have someone read it over to see if you’re achieving your goal with the text.

These quick and easy tricks can help you craft a more engaging and effective website that captures more leads and more sales. Need even more help? Flocksy’s talented team of copywriters can help you craft truly inspiring website content.


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