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Effective Types Of Video Marketing For Your Business

  • Marketing videos are excellent tools to provide viewers some form of information; whether that information be a tutorial or to provide special updates.
  • Marketing videos are also beneficial at promoting campaigns by finding areas of mutual understanding and relatability between the viewers and business behind the campaign.
  • The most effective types of marketing videos include application videos, how to videos, corporate videos, explainer animation videos, testimonial videos, website videos, and television commercials.

Marketing videos are an excellent strategy because they provide many benefits to the viewing audience. They can provide education tutorials or information sessions, provide updates or new developments within your business in a creative and fast manner, reach greater prospective customer communities, and even provide viewers with a warm interaction that almost feels similar to a face-to-face conversation.

Here are several types of marketing videos that are particularly popular and effective for business and brand expansion.

Corporate Videos

Employees and customers of large corporations may feel lost or as if they are just a number in corporations where the employee and clientele bases range from hundreds to thousands.

Corporate videos are excellent marketing tools to send to stakeholders, prospective clients, and investors of large corporations as they can give exclusive looks and sneak peaks into new projects and updates to the brand or business.

They can also serve as introduction of the executive staff so that the viewers are familiarized with the mission, history, staff, and personalities of the corporation. They can make even the largest corporation feel warm and welcoming.

Application Videos

Application videos serve educational purposes as how to navigate and operate the application. They can also present the opportunity for viewers to have an expanded explanation as to the special features and offers the application can provide.

Application videos are also an excellent resource for potential purchasers of applications. It gives the prospective audience a chance to view a demonstration of an application.

Animation Videos

Animation videos generally are made to serve an educational purpose as they are typically utilized to explain a particular message, campaign, or theme. They are also cost effective in that they eliminate the expenses associated with props, scene set up, and crew casting that comes with having to film real time videos. They can also be completed more quickly than real time videos.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are excellent selling tools for a business product. Testimonial videos from real clients demonstrate to the viewer that the product is effective at what it is purposed to do, and that the product yields beneficial results.

Viewers seeing an authentic testimonial video are more likely to believe in the legitimacy of the product. Thus, viewers may also be more likely to purchase the product.

Television Commercials

With many people spending more time at home watching television, television commercials are a great way to get the attention of the viewer. Whether the focus of the commercial is to convince viewers to purchase a product or to bring awareness to a campaign, short, creative television commercials are the oldest video marketing tool available.

Product Videos

Product videos are videos targeted to boost anticipated hype of a new business product. They can provide in depth descriptions of the focused product and may even include a demonstration of the product to provide education and unique experience to the viewers. Product videos can set the tone for the expectations purchasers of the product.

Website Videos

Website videos are ideal for businesses and brand owners who provide a wide variety of products and services. They give those who are not regular customers of the business the opportunity to see all that the business has to offer on their own terms.

Viewing a website video, can also give the potential customer the chance to become familiar with how to navigate the website.

Instructional Step-by-Step (or How-To) Videos

Videos that provide step-by-step instructions or show how to complete a certain task are both educational and provide entertainment. Viewers typically seek out instructional or how-to videos based on the industry type.

For example, cosmetologists make seek out how to videos for hair treatment and trending hairstyles. Chefs may seek out how-to cooking videos to try new recipes. Instructional or how to videos can be utilized to demonstrate a wide variety of industry tasks.

Final Thoughts

As the population strives to focus more on technology, marketing videos becoming more popular among business and brand owners. They can serve many purposes, including: educational, introduce new products or applications, as well as special new features of those products or applications, as well as to introduce companies.

One of the most rewarding aspects of marketing videos is that the business or brand owner can be in complete control of it. The brand or business owner can transform the content to have it serve its intended purpose.

The above listed types of marketing videos are the most effective because they produce the best results at reaching audience members and educating others.


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