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How Designs Can Help Your Ministry

With all the time you put into your ministry, you don’t want your church to be overlooked. Instead of being passed over, you can make your church stand out with some simple design ideas. 

The right design will pull the attention of the person searching for their place of peace. It shows what your church believes and the benefits of your ministry. And with the right graphic or product, you create an impression on a person, maybe giving them the feeling they needed that day or perhaps the drive to visit your place of worship. 

Before you get started, remember these design fundamentals for clear communication and effective content:

  • Graphic designs tell a story and communicate to a viewer in place of them talking to you. Keep in mind the color choices you use, how you format text, and consistency with your brand. 
  • Good alignment means easier readability. If all the elements of your design are jumbled or misaligned, a reader will be able to tell and may be too distracted to remember what was being advertised. 
  • Quantity is often not better than quality and that is true in design. It will always be better to have fewer elements and better readability, rather than every piece of clipart in the world and a mess of words the reader can’t follow. Always ask yourself if there is anything in the design you can edit out. 

Here are some design inspirations to try with your church:


Whether it’s for the upcoming church social, a children’s gathering you’ve been preparing for months or your weekly sermon, an event flyer is an easy way to lay out the key pieces of information. A flyer could include a summary of your upcoming sermons, the date and time of your weekly meetings, or simply introduce an upcoming event. To distribute your flyers, you can pass them out to the congregation, leave some for visitors to take when they visit your church, or work with local businesses to leave some at their location.

Social Media Posts

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or something else, social media platforms are the best way to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time. Post through social media saves you the hassle and cost of printing flyers or posters while still letting people know about your ministry or an upcoming event. It will also allow your members to get involved in your church without a huge time commitment. A good place to start with a social media post is an inspirational quote, a daily scripture, or an uplifting thought. Pair that with a coordinated picture and you will have an easy, eye-catching post that will help prospective new members make the leap to coming to your next sermon.

Posters and Promotions

No matter if it’s your annual canned food drive or your daily soup kitchen, no one will know about it unless you tell them and a poster is a great way to catch your members’ attention. You can relay all the logistical information you need to and gently encourage people to participate. You can set up posters at the entrance of your church or, like the flyers, work with a local business to hang a poster there. You might consider using infographics to help relay the greatest amount of information in the most readable way. For example, a poster for your soup kitchen or donation drive may include an infographic about the statistics of poverty in your community. 

Custom Products

There are more and more companies every day that will help you create custom products like T-shirts and booklets. Custom-made products create a sense of unity and can be particularly impactful with youth groups or church sports teams. It can also help new members feel included and a part of the congregation. If you have smaller study groups or often have new members, a booklet or leaflet can be helpful to direct the conversation or provide general information with more detail than a flyer. You may consider making some to explain practices of your church or to layout your basic beliefs. If you have the resources, you could make them regularly to help members study for and follow along with your sermons. 

Remember, graphic design is your friend and can be the difference between a struggling congregation and a thriving one. With social media and the host of options for physical products, you have more than enough options to find what works best for your church.


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