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How To Achieve a Minimalist Web Design

●  A minimalist design is still a strong design.

●  A minimalist website encourages engagement.

●  Minimalism encompasses usability and the form of the website, not just the extras.

Minimalism is an important design trend. Things are growing on the World Wide Web. It’s gotten to be too much for many people’s eyes. Yet we can’t look away. We need the web for information. We use it to connect. It entertains us and plays us our favorite music. So what do we do? People have started simplifying. They are choosing minimalist logos. But the trend extends to the whole website, not just the graphics involved. Minimalism in web design and UX design is about taking away non-essentials. It is about paring down the site so that the experience is seamless. Some say that these types of websites make the owner look smarter. They might be seen as more sophisticated. What a bonus you get for all that simplifying.

Minimalism Is Not as Easy as It Looks

Even though there are fewer elements in minimalistic design, it’s still an achievement. Think of minimalism as being similar to a live performance. Without extra bells and whistles like voice regulators and mixers, things can get dicey. To make it work, you must be really good at music. Pared-down designs require a high level of skill to execute. There’s not a lot to work with visually. So each element has to carry a heavy load.

Elements of Minimalist Design

There are a few basic components that make up a minimalist design. Negative Space Negative space is always a hot topic in design. It’s come to the forefront of the discussion as minimalism has become more popular. Negative space is probably best illustrated by the Google homepage. All that emptiness allows your mind to focus on your search. It also helps the bright colors pop without looking too busy.


Visuals in minimalist design tend toward the big and bold. A strong focal point counteracts the draw of negative space.

Visuals are becoming brighter and more intense as digital cameras develop. You will find many images that have the background removed to make them stand out. These anchor the page in a modern way.


People have a fascination with typography on the internet. For minimalism, working with this often means working with more restrained fonts. Some people even use simple handwriting on their websites for dramatic effect.

People get very creative with the spacing and layout of fonts within the minimalist trend. As people attempt to make their websites look sophisticated and sleek, they add more spacing to the letters on it.


Colors play a huge role in minimalistic design. There are no set rules for minimalistic colors. Every color is allowed. But people often use simple neutrals or black and white. They tend to create a quieter design. It’s much easier for the eye to focus on these.

Key Elements Pack a Punch

There isn’t much more to work with within minimalism! But when things are put together right, the sites stand out. Elegant work always makes a good impression. Web design and graphics are no exception.


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