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How To Become A Successful Copywriter

Many people today are shunning traditional jobs to work from home or join a creative company. Copywriting has become one of the largest jobs in the country, as the internet has opened the floodgates for calls for content. Thousands of employees and sites are competing for clicks and views, and the pressure is on many of these news writers to create compelling, engaging content.

Whether you’re a new copywriter or a seasoned vet, here are some tips and tricks to help you be more efficient, effective, and successful in your copywriting career.

  • Stay distraction free and don’t listen to harmful criticism
  • Work on projects you’re passionate about and learn from the experts
  • Never, ever get into the habit of procrastination

Minimize Your Stress

Stress is a silent killer in today’s society. The time spent staring at screens and generally distracting our brains prevents peace and quiet focus for most of the days in our lives. The key to writing, or doing any job in today’s society, is reducing the number of distractions in your life to take some of the pressure off of your mind.

Don’t try to keep up with the pace of the modern world, as it’s impossible. Rather than trying to “train” your mind to be able to consume media constantly, on a consistent basis, reduce the audio/visual input in your life. This will make dramatic improvements in your mental health and your writing within a matter of weeks.

Ignore Destructive Criticism

Positive criticism is a great tool to help you learn and grow as a writer. There are a number of pieces of advice your friends, family, and employers can give you to help you focus and become more effective and efficient when you write. However, there are also a number of individuals who will do their best to get under your skin.

Especially if your clout is growing and you’re becoming more popular online and in certain communities, there will always be those trying to tear you down for one reason or another. Don’t engage with those who offer you no constructive or advise or who clearly aren’t talking for the betterment of your writing or health.

Work On Your Passion

While it’s never been easier to be a copywriter in today’s day and age, the amount of useless junk online is at an all time high and climbing. You’ll be asked to write on topics you have no interest in, may disagree with, or simply think are counterproductive and harming the well being of society as a whole.

As a copywriter, you have the ability to pass on assignments you truly don’t wish to work on to focus on those which will better you, teach you about the world, or enhance the lives of others in some way. Choose quality projects and those you believe in firmly to ease your mind and appreciate your own work.

Listen And Learn From The Experts

While ignoring the trolls on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you should be seeking out positive role models to learn from. Follow your personal heroes and those who offer free and frequent advice and let their work ethic and professional success influence and inspire your own personal journey.

Don’t be intimidated by the status of popular and successful celebrities; instead, try to mimic their great habits while avoiding any potentially toxic or negative behavior. Write down some of your favorite characteristics and follow them every day in your personal life.

Never Stop Improving

One of the most prominent temptations in today’s world is to idle in your own comfort and rest on your laurels. While this temptation is always present and highly seductive, great professionals never sit still for a moment. The greatest writers are always on the lookout for new work and trying to improve themselves both in their personal lives and their professional lives.

Humanity has struggled throughout history and the most successful individuals of today are the ones who have kept the drive not only to stay alive, but to thrive. It’s important to keep in mind that the only person who can make you achieve your full potential is you. Inspiration and drive must come from inside you, not from the outside world.

Avoid Procrastination At All Costs

Procrastination is the other silent killer of today’s world, after stress. Procrastination is sneakily harmful, as it promotes anxiety and indecision within those suffering and acts as a massive impediment to accomplishing your goals and furthering your career and life in general.

Writers are most susceptible to procrastination, as staring at a blank screen can be intimidating; it can also be difficult to muster the strength, energy, and patience to accept and work on project after project, as without an overarching narrative in your writing, the process can feel like a slog.

But no matter what happens, you can’t let anxiety and indecision control your life – master the art of filling the blank page and pushing through to the end of each and every project.

Final Thought

It can be difficult to write in today’s environment, with a plethora of distractions on your device and a host of worrying pieces of news both at home and abroad. The key to copywriting is to ignore what you can’t control while putting your nose to the grindstone and maximizing your effort and efficiency with every project you write.


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