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How To Choose A Blog Name That Helps Your Blog Succeed

In the wake of the pandemic, there are thousands of entrepreneurs who want to start a small business in what must be a better year, 2021. If you’re one of these future small business owners, it’s important to not dive into the process too quickly.

For example, if you have yet to choose a name for your brand’s blog, or even if you already have, you should consider the name carefully and think about the current and future implications of your name. Here are some tips for choosing a name that will stand the test of time and lead people to your new company.

  • Know your audience and their needs
  • Research trends and blogs in your industry
  • Keep it simple and easy to find through Google

Think Hard About Your Niche

The first thing you have to consider is what your company is about and what it does. Your blog’s name will most likely be an extension of your brand, so it’s important to think long and hard about your role in the industry you’re in and what your customers are looking for when it comes to content and marketing materials.

Your blog will represent not only your company, but what’s unique and worthwhile about your company. To come up with a great name, you need to think about why you chose your desired field in the first place and go back to your initial feelings about your passion.


There’s no better indication of what your blog’s name should be than many of the popular blogs in your industry. Look to successful and bigger companies for insights and inspiration about your own content, including the name of your blog. Also consider why those names were chosen and write down some lessons you can learn about the content other major blogs have that you could learn from.

In addition to observing the guidelines of your blog’s name, looking around the industry will also help you decide what not to do. That is, in knowing the names of several popular blogs, you’ll know how to name yours in such a way that it stands out from the crowd.

Consider Your Message

Every great business has a message it’s trying to get across to customers and let resonate with them. Your business is no different, so when you’re considering what to name your blog, think about the message you’re perpetually putting out through your company.

Much like naming a movie after a major theme, naming a blog about your message will instantly communicate to your users what they’ll be reading about and why. If you’re trying to your readers emotionally, choose a name which reflects this decision.

Turn To A Name Generator

As you brainstorm, it’s important to both write down every time you want to truly consider, and not leave any name behind because you may think it won’t last. Leave every option on the table until you’ve truly chosen your preferred name for your blog.

On top of this, you can turn to random name generators for inspiration and to see all of the different types and categories of names that exist. You may not choose any of the names offered, but it’s still a fun and invigorating exercise to give you some inspiration so you can eventually settle on a name that absolutely does work.

Look At Your Target Audience

For many writers, trying to name their projects works better if they leave themselves out of the equation. In short, look at your target audience and think about what they would read on a daily basis. Knowing who is reading your blog will go a long way in deciding what to name it, as different demographics will be instantly hooked by different types of names.

In addition, you can make your blog’s name specific based on certain demographics. Children’s blogs and websites are named in colorful and fun ways, while things named for grown men and women are harder edged. It all depends on who you’re appealing to and why.

Don’t Lose Focus Of Your Brand

One helpful strategy is to name your blog something which directly correlates to your brand. Like many companies who choose domain names, a name which is linked to your brand will be a large help in people finding the blog and identifying more easily with your company.

In addition to just the name, the style of your blog and its aesthetic should also be closely linked to your brand. For example, it’s always a good idea to use the same colors, fonts, and palettes for your blog that will appear on your website and through the marketing materials for your brand. Never lose track of the bigger picture!

Make It Easy To Spell And Find

This may seem like a minor tip, but it’s actually one of the more important ones on this list. If people can’t spell your blog’s name, they won’t find it. Conversely, if your blog’s name is a common word or phrase, people might actually find it by accident and be more inclined to read it and shop around your website.

Google is a powerful engine but it’s also relatively simple; it heavily depends on what people search and why they’re searching it. Coming up with a name which will be searched more often will lead to more traffic from both customers and strangers alike.


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