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How To Create Landing Pages That Convert Leads Into Customers

What Is A Landing Page?

Before you can create a top-quality landing page that converts your leads into customers, you need to know exactly what a landing page is. Essentially, a landing page is the webpage that appears after an interested person clicks a link in a search engine result page or on an online advertisement.

Landing pages are important because they are the most critical step in converting a lead into a customer through the online experience. While a landing pages is any page a visitor lands on, which includes homepages and pages created for a specific purpose, all landing pages have an important role to play in the sales conversion funnel.

So, how do you create landing pages that turn your leads into customers? We have three tips for you to put into action as you develop landing pages for your company’s website.

Make sure that your landing page features:

  • an engaging headline that hooks the potential customer
  • stunning images that highlight the product or service’s best features
  • simple and deliberate copy that makes the benefits crystal clear

Make The Headline Loud And Clear

Your headline is either the first or second piece of content a visitor will see once the landing page loads (and it should load fast, by the way – slow webpages lead to frustrated visitors who would rather exit out of the site than wait).

Your headline needs to make a good first impression. It needs to reassure the person visiting the page that they’re in the right place. For instance, if you click on a search engine result (or an advertisement) for bridal dresses, then the headline you see should say something along the lines of, “Luxury Fall Bridal Dresses At Affordable Prices.”

If the headline doesn’t verify that the visitor has come to the right place, then they might be tempted to exit out of the site altogether. Bye-bye, potential customer!

So, the headline has to both confirm that the customer is in the right place and use engaging language that makes the reader feel an emotion. Whether that’s excitement about the product or the desire to learn more depends on your specific situation.

No matter what, the headline needs to feature vivid verbs, specific nouns, and descriptive adjectives that make the reader interested in what your company has to offer.

Include Inspiring Images

Usually, landing pages feature one “hero shot” which is the biggest image on the page. It should be a visual representation of the product or service that’s specific to that landing page, and it should help people gain a better understanding of what the product or service is, what it looks like, or what it will help them do.

For instance, if there’s a set of makeup products that your company wants to promote, the hero shot should feature those products in their best light. Or, if your company is trying to promote a service, the hero shot could be an image of someone at the end of their weight loss journey, for example.

A hero shot should help potential customers feel like they could see themselves using that product or service and that it will improve their lives.

Once the hero shot is taken care of, it’s time to include more images; specifically, visuals of the product in action. That way, potential customers will be able to see just how their lives will improve from the purchase.

Pro Tip: Video is another great way to show your leads how your product or service works, what it looks like in action, and to answer questions that they might have.

Craft Your Content Wisely

Last but not least, you need to pay close attention to the text that visitors will see on the landing page. The text needs to follow logically from the headline and make a case for why the visitor should take the next step to make the purchase.

One great strategy is to include a bullet point list of benefits. This type of list makes it easy for visitors to learn more of the specifics about your product without having to study a large block of text.

Further down on the landing page is a great place to go into specifics and to write those longer, detail-filled paragraphs that fill in the missing gaps.

Make sure that you include “social proof,” which means you need to have testimonies from past customers who used the company’s products or services. By including reviews from people who have actually spent their money on what your company has to offer, you show your potential leads that they don’t have to take your word for it because your customers will vouch for you.

In Conclusion

Landing pages need to feature an engaging headline, stunning visuals, and clear copy that describes exactly what the specific product or service you’re promoting is all about.

Nowadays, competition is tough. You have to be sure you’re ready to spar with the best of them. Pay attention to the details on your site. Make sure you’ve created a landing page that customers will want to spend their time visiting.


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