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How to Deliver A Personalized Customer Experience

Businesses have a lot on their plate these days. There are expense reports, keeping track of overhead and making sure your employees feel validated and are working efficiently and effectively throughout the day. There are so many variables and complex tasks associated with running a business, that owners can sometimes forget the most important part of their enterprise.

Customers are the lifeblood of a business, the one group of people that keeps the business running more than any other. As such, customers should be taken care of at all hours of the day and be given the most unique, personalized experience from your company, no matter how fresh they may be, or what they’ve bought or haven’t in the last few weeks. Retaining customers is one of the most important steps to running a successful business.

If a customer feels like they’re being treated like an individual and not a number, by a company they feel understands their needs and expectations better than others, they’re not likely to seek another company for the same product or service. In short, people care more than ever about their own experience as customers, which is why it’s so important to create a tailored, personalized experience for each one of your current and future customers. Here are three huge factors in moving through this process successfully.

  • Take full advantage of Google Analytics for great customer profiles
  • Upgrade your customer support practices for mobile and desktop users
  • Have a surefire method for collecting and responding to customer feedback

Utilize Every Piece Of Customer Information

Businesses are making tremendous strives in the field of analytics every day, and many companies are starting to take notice. Companies everywhere are starting to take advantage of exiting analytical data, from sources like Google Analytics and their own customers’ profiles. There are a number of datasets available to companies who want to use Google Analytics, such as age, sex, location, job profile, and average yearly salary.

This data can be compiled to make many important assumptions and estimations about your ideal customer. Google Analytics also collects data from your website automatically, which is important for creating customized and up to the minute reports on those who are buying your products or services.

There’s no limit to what you can learn from Google Analytics; you’ll have access to important demographic information as well as content types to tailor to your customers, ensuring a personalized and advanced customer experience. One of the most important but undervalued pieces of information you can glean from Google Analytics is the location of your customers.

This may seem trivial at first, but it’s important for improving your SEO and locking in on important keywords which are localized and specific to different segments of your customer base. There are even guides to international SEO which allow you to search and implement best practices for those customers who may not be in your country.

Dedicate Time And Resources To Desktop And Mobile Support Sites

One of the major concerns customers have today is the quality of their support. Customers are increasingly seeing a correlation between the quality and frequency of support they receive and the level of appreciation they feel from a given company. For your company, this means that any improvements you can make to your support mechanisms will translate directly into increased customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty.

On the other hand, neglecting your customer support practices could also be losing you customers by the day, especially if your company is situated in an industry which calls for frequent customer support. The good is news is that there has been a revolution in customer support tools over the last several years. Today, you can utilize this technology to live chat with customers and solve their most pressing issues in real time.

Remarkably, studies have shown that utilizing live chat support can increase your conversion rates by up to 3x. This technology is so important because it directly demonstrates your commitment to connection and fast response times throughout your customer’s time with your company.

Additionally, you can also integrate your CRM software with your live chat, to provide another great source of information for your customers. This feature will also let you save transcripts from these chats which may be valuable in the future if you run into similar issues down the road.

Invest Heavily In Customer Feedback

So, customer satisfaction is one of the most important components to keep your business running smoothly and increase your profits throughout the year. One of the most direct ways to improve customer satisfaction is to respond directly and quickly to customer feedback.

This means establishing an avenue for your customer to provide their complaints and compliments to your system, as well as a way for you to respond to them in a timely and engaging fashion. Simply collecting feedback is not worth much to your business unless you can also act on it consistently and accurately.

There are pieces of tech which allow you to do this, the most common and helpful being AI-enabled chat bots. These bots will help you collect customer feedback and tag it when it identifies a specific keyword. It’s an organized and efficient method for collecting and responding to feedback.


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