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How To Enhance Your Content Marketing With Videos

  • There are lots of different types of videos that can be used in marketing your business, from culture videos and video testimonials to product or educational videos and educational.
  • Your audience may need different video content depending on where in the buying process they are.
  • The most important thing about video marketing is to create high-quality videos that are on brand, and that take the pain points of your audience into consideration.

Why You Should Use Video In Content Marketing

Videos are great for catching the attention of audiences with a short attention span. They can be short or long, artistic or to the point. And while there are lots of different kinds of videos you can use, which type you want to use will depend on what your audience needs at any given time and what type of video will best satisfy that need.

You don’t need to pick one type of video and stick with it, in fact, it could be argued that trying several and seeing which ones your audience responds best to is the way to go. The type of video your audience needs can also vary depending on where in the sales process they are.

Customer Video Testimonials

Testimonial content sells, there’s no doubt about it. And why wouldn’t it? What is more inspiring than hearing what actual users of your product or service have to say? Videos that show satisfied customers tell their success stories involving your products or services are a powerful addition to your content marketing.

Let your audience watch people like themselves succeed with your products and be inspired to give your business a chance. It’s not always easy to convince your potential customers of how great your products are without being perceived as pushy, cheesy, or fake, but video testimonials accomplish this feat.

Product Videos

Whether you film a real person using your product, make a screen cast, or an animated video explaining your product, product videos are the way to go. Not everyone is interested enough to read a blog post about your product, but product videos bypass obstacles like reading comprehension or a lack of attention. Especially if the video is short and interesting. A product video helps your audience “try” your product, or at least see the results, before they buy.

Educational Videos

Most people don’t hesitate to hit up YouTube when they need to learn something new. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, find out what concepts your audience is struggling with, and start there. Most people research products online, so if you have something to sell, and you’re also the one providing information about how to use that product, or how to choose the right type, your ideal customers are very likely to find you.

Company Culture Videos

It’s no longer enough to sell a great product. Consumers today want to feel a personal connection with the businesses they support. They want to know the stories behind the companies they buy from and the products they buy. Don’t be afraid to make videos about the history of your company, employees, or the inspirations behind your products. Show your audience the culture of your company, the why behind why you do what you do. Company culture videos are sure to improve trust in your brand and products.

Social Media Videos

From Instagram Stories and Reels, to TikTok, videos are more popular than ever. If you can find the right mix of high-quality content and peek behind the scenes videos, you will likely find great success by using videos in your social media marketing. You can post videos that give glimpses of life at work, behind the scenes production, or even do a Q&A where you give at least some of the answers in video form.

How To Videos

If you are going to pick just one kind of video content to add to your marketing strategy, how-to videos are probably your best bet. Rather than educating the audience on a broader area of interest, the how-to video gives immediate benefit by teaching a specific way to do something.

Teaching practical skills that will solve the problems your audience struggle with will not only set you apart as someone who knows what they’re talking about and build trust in your brand, but customers will probably be back the next time they need information too. People are also very likely to share your how-to videos with their friends with similar interests, broadening your reach and expanding your audience.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that show a problem that can be solved by using your product or service by also explaining how your product or services work and benefit your audience. Explainer videos are great for introducing new consumers to your products. These videos can be whiteboard videos, motion graphics, or even doodles.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the type of video you end up making for your audience, there are three things that are non-negotiable. Your video needs to be on brand for your business, it needs to be high-quality, and it needs to meet the needs of your audience. If you nail these three, you are sure to find success with adding video content to your marketing strategy.


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